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Where's the yelp page for this pandemic I have some choice words

I know a store with toilet paper in stock and will only tell trusted friends and allies.

Questions about cws, covid-19 

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i do this little "good GRIEF!" eyebulge whenever people say something stupid at meetings, and now i get to watch my Zoom reflection do it in real time. it's great/weird

@wintersonata Muting my video for eye rolling and jackoff motions is how I spend 90% of meetings now.

I'm just like "BORED WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION NOW" as soon as someone decides they need to take the floor for their nonsense.

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Anyone else finding it harder to put up with people in remote meetings? These things are excruciating.

@t54r4n1 @stelepami wait, sorry "other [unspecified] stores" it was just a picture of target in the article

@alex uh oh Janine is also a Ghostbuster... The whole conceit is RUINED

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