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When someone starts trying to talk to me about uspol

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Hey how you doin little mama,
let me whisper in your ear.
Tell you something that you might
like to hear.
When I whisper these words,
you’ll never forgetti:
[slaps car] this bad boy can hold
so much spaghetti

@earthtopus @Chelseaknits @hfrazey it'd be nice if accessibility were a higher priority of the main dev but we need a Mastodon phonebook more I guess.

@GinnyMcQueen that may explain some of its haunted behavior... I should see if I can make it more comfortable.

On the end table, I've got some DVDs (Red Dwarf, Steins;Gate, Shin Godzilla), a microphone arm, a utility knife, a tablet (depleted battery), a box for a USB video capture dongle, a microSD adapter, zip ties (about 50, white), 2 pencils, a 115v USB transformer, a lamp, and misc other plastic trash I'm definitely going to throw away right now. Next to the end table are my DDR pads.

I'm going to do something wild & show you something private: what's accumulated on my coffee table and end table when I don't have company coming over.

Let's see... On the coffee table there's a laptop, a staple gun and Staples, a pink tape measure, a screwdriver, Allen wrenches, two water glasses, an SLR camera, a pill case, two barrettes, circular :knitting: needles, half a granola bar, scissors, pliers, a watch, lip balm, two remotes, a 360 controller, bike parts, a pill case, and kleenex.

@earthtopus @hfrazey I'm gonna figure out how to make emoji 15% bigger someday ....

@philthethrill Way better than Cesar Doesn't Call Often Enough

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@thraeryn That would be amazing and in fact I think it should be mandatory. Privileges for Tims only.

Instance idea: instead of a federated timeline, it has a federated Timline, and it just is a feed of Tiny Tim song lyrics

Sorry it took me so long to get around to making these, @frizzy_ky and @hfrazey !

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