Also, if you want an Enhanced ID, I hope you've studied up on where your mom and dad were born, because they ask.

@firewally I would totally be interested but I've already sort of overspent my entertainment budget for the summer :(

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@Laurelai I saw your mention of it but haven't read through it (nor did I read the 9th circuit decision, but I'm not surprised by the outcome).

Generally I think it's a good idea and probably enforceable to the extent any clickwrap/open source license is. The catch / limiting factor is having the resources to enforce. The Pepe artist has a firm doing the necessary legal work pro bono (I wonder what their arrangement is for settlement proceeds...)

@Laurelai Yeah. I'm happy to talk with that understanding.

@alex ever hear of a little something called Religious Freedom, buddy

@Laurelai Moral monsters like this make me feel better about being a lawyer. Despised as we are, least my profession makes an effort at regulating professional ethical conduct.

A query from a girl trying educate herself (regarding dogwhistles) Show more

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"In a variety of different areas, the Baby Boom generation created, advanced, or preserved policies that made American institutions less dynamic."

"The political ascendancy of the Boomers brought with it tightening control and stricter regulation, making it harder to succeed in America."

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reaching dangerous electronic computing levels

(100%) ■■■■■■■■■■

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.@lawremipsum This, but also cookies store very well in the freezer. If you're concerned about low spoon days/ bad depressive spells, you can absolutely bake cookies on a good day and store them for the bad, just stash them flat with paper towels between layers. Toast them in the toaster oven or warm in a microwave to revive them.

Most cakes also store well in the freezer, just cut it up and wrap it well in saran wrap and foil. Store for up to a year.

@Laurelai when he sells it, people will finally understand.

@sporks @alex prohibited unsolicited advice in his code of conduct and I think about doing that a lot.

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Me day one on fedi: oh you can't do like, quote tweets? That kinda sucks
Me day 300 or whatever: quote tweets are the death of conversation and anyone who has ever asked for them on fedi deserves to be buried in a deep dark pit

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