Algorithmic trend information is like the developer deliberately putting a microphone too close to the amp and saying "that squealing is how I know my idea is working."

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We observed a thing, talked about it, and moved on.

Trends trap communities in a form of collective social rumination—keep focusing on a thing because they're already focused on a thing.

And they snap from one Thing to the next Thing because the natural ebb and flow of diverging and unrelated posts that can pad these tides gets crushed.

But, you know, programmers know how to make computers do math so we gotta do that and let our interactions be influenced by self-reinforcing signals. I guess.

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I'm no scientist but I think that not having trends on MSP Social kept the temperature and duration of discussion of a topic—which dominated the federated timeline for much of the day—to a sensible, humane level. Instead of artificially provoking prolonged rumination.

Weaponizing qoto's "don't defederate from me" club 

@researchfairy basically what this is is an example of a rulebook being written by people who already have in mind how they intend to subvert it.

Bad faith all the way to the core.

fedi meta 

@david @Alexis @ShadowJonathan the hometown fork lets users opt out of having an RSS feed, and lets admins opt out for users that haven't toggled the setting.

You know, a sensible privacy option that should be in the main branch but never will be because it doesn't make line go up.

Revised / post I can pin:

I'm the admin. Contact me if you have questions about the instance or adjusting to mastodon generally.

Other things I do are bike, play volleyball, and get cancelled for being a pragmatist.

I am selective about allowing followers so I can be comfortable posting privately.


@researchfairy hometown just added an option to turn off RSS (by default for a whole instance, and as an individual option) which kills this "feature" of qoto and I'm so chuffed.

@researchfairy "Y̶o̶u̶ ̶̶c̶a̶n̶'̶t̶ defederate from me" club

@seraphucked I wouldn't say I experienced uncontrollable swings, but it didn't take long before having access to more depth and nuanced emotions. I could cry, but wasn't crying 'out of nowhere'.

Not saying it doesn't happen, but my experience was more like having new rooms to enter than like being taken to those rooms unexpectedly.

There's apparently a bug in mastodon: when you suspend an instance and then change the suspend to a limit, it fails to unsuspend the individual users from the suspension.

If anyone wants to help by drafting me the sql necessary to unsuspend individual users from a prior instance suspension, I can fix that on MSP Social. Otherwise I need to wait until a solution is published.

(I am more apt to destroy the place with a malformed SQL query that I think "should work" than any other fatal mistake)

Bigotry from :birdsite: 

Hate-herding clout-farmers are SCPs and should be handled as such—contained and subject to handling only as-needed and by professionals.

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7 MST3k episodes to know me:

Space Mutiny (820)
Superdome (K15) - I saw this when it aired
Time of the Apes (306)
Fugitive Alien (310)
Crash of the Moons (417)
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (321)
The Final Sacrifice (910)

:crow: :servo:

So proud of how much D everyone on MSP Social is getting

Admin meta 

I think a lot of other admins follow a similar approach. We're all independently making decisions for our communities. There is a lot of overlap where we easily wind up in broad agreement, and edge cases or specific reasoning where not everyone makes the same call.

To me, that's a working system—not everyone's interest and values are the same. The biggest shortcoming is that publishing blocklists becomes its own vector for abuse—abusers obsess over being denied access to victims.

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Admin meta 

There's a sort of implicit trust rating I apply to admin posts: "I agree with this person 99% of the time," etc. Judgment calls or marginal situations still have to be weighed in light of our community's unique composition. In those cases I often take a little longer to decide to act, to let information continue to develop, see other admins' reasoning to help inform my own.

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Admin meta 

One way I keep up to date on bad actors on the fediverse is to follow other admins, and to keep my eyes open for admins announcing moderation actions that I don't already follow. The fediblock hashtag is sort of a double check sometimes but not my main source of info.

There are admins out there that I agree with on virtually every call they make. Though at this point there is probably no other server out there with 100% overlap; I'm never blindly copying another admin's actions here.

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