I don't need horror movies, when life has experiences like this

Hi everyone scrolling thru atm! I'm new, so I thought I'd share a bit about myself and apparently abuse hashtags...

I'm a petter of (🐱x2, 🐢x2), a player of too many , & a professional starer of even more computer screens.

I love being ; and am open to talking about my , as well as supporting others in theirs. :heart_trans:

I am also a wannabe nin; and like , , , and getting into antics with @lawremipsum !

Guy on the bus is monologuing. Perfectly nice and more or less reasonable, but TedxBus it isn't. Or maybe it is and that's the problem.

@ansugeisler h-hello kind voter surely we both understand [checks notes] stagflation

st paul politics, selfie eye contact 

Real doorknocking experiences:

[Thinks to self: oh boy this voter is like 43 how am I going to relate to this grown ass adult.]

[Slow realization that I'm 41]

There's a transguy named Tarrence running for St. Paul City council and too bad his politics are crap because his tagline on every lawn sign, "T is for transparency," is an epic HRT shitpost

MSP Social should finally also be able to VOTE in polls.


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