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@densetsu Douthat is consistently one of the wrongest people on the planet on basically any day a column of his is printed.

honestly i feel like there should be a word for the moment that a queer person gets out of their straight marriage and suddenly comes out as everything and its this really tumultuous but joyful point of change


@June they are BEGGING to be grifted, all day every day.

My summary/notes:

* The price of an "entry level" bike has crept up in the past few years
* Pretty much every bike made by a major manufacturer is a technological marvel compared to bikes of 10 years ago. It's hard to make a bad choice
* Bike fit is by far the most important factor

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@djsundog oh what fun it would be to work in that shop

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@firewally it's almost like not having coherent national leaders making a good faith attempt to address a crisis makes a difference.

did the ace attorney fans on here already see this? probably.. but it’s not worth the risk of them NOT seeing it..

@doe Thinkgeek used to sell an old rotary style handset that had bluetooth. I got one once as a lark. It was cheaply made garbage, but what a great concept.


Doing the ARR sightseeing log is an exercise in going to a place and waiting for 15-30 minutes waiting for the right time of day, only to have the weather change making the whole effort wasted. Yes, even after you talked to the skywatcher.

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This (PDF) affidavit is worth reading just for the chatlog between one of the insurrectionists and a very unsympathetic instagram follower.

"You embarrassed everyone who knows you"
"I hate that I even know you"
"You're scary"

Before I came out to myself I couldnt understand that hating getting my hair cut was a manifestation of gender dysphoria. After experiencing the relief and happiness of finally letting my hair grow did I understand it for myself...

And THEN I learned it's a COMMON transfemme experience.

The more trans people talk about their experiences, the sooner trans kids and adults can find insight into their own experiences that they might otherwise never understand.


I can't think of another food-based movie that so touches on life, sex, death, the ridiculous and food in such a comprehensive way that Tampopo does.

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Sure not writing image descriptions is one kind of action that can make a community less welcoming to disabled people.

But honestly, hardline proclamations that everyone MUST write image descriptions or they're BAD (which I'm seeing more often)...also feel pretty unwelcoming!

Even as someone who benefits from image descriptions, I don't benefit from the lack of nuance around disability issues. I don't benefit from being used as a stick to beat people with who aren't writing image descriptions.

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