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Police state 

Mmmmm 3 am chopper

@vyr yeah the part of the game you're playing isn't the fun part. They compressed the boring stuff recently so there's less of it before you get to the part everyone actually comes back for, but there is still some slow onboarding.

The story/plot is mostly just flavor and the Actual Game is running dungeons with friends and looking good while you do it.

@June no because everyone is dead to me anticipatorily

switch pharmacy? 

@britvulcan cvs works fine when they don't delete my prescriptions. I don't want to fuss with switching, I just want them to do their job.

Me: send this via mail order.
Doc: send this via mail order.
CVS: Your prescription is ready at target.
Me: okay but send it via mail order.
Doc: okay but send it via mail order
CVS: We only send 90-day prescriptions via mail order, and your doctor issued a 30-day prescription with two renewals. 🙃

@Pixley @Taweret I'm so glad you were able to answer with specific examples! I was going to make a reference to the Life of Brian graffiti grammar scene, but I knew there were REAL examples I couldn't think of.

Vaccines, Angry 

@firewally I hear the argument, though, that trust in vaccines is hard to regain. Temporarily pausing while evaluating the data and reaching a sound science-based conclusion may be, on net, better than letting doubt fester or, worse, having it turn out to be connected and statistically significant.

But I'm not an epidemiologist!

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@lawremipsum me: i'd like you to add progesterone to my care plan
doc: well I...

in related news(?): my boobs hurt, four days after getting the J&J.

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endocrinology is complicated and weird and everyone on HRT should also be given an honorary medical degree because by necessity we know more about it than even the average medical professional.

J&J covid vaccine side effect to be aware of 

@platypus Yeah, I expect we'll hear more about the details in the next day or two. It's definitely worth taking into account.

J&J covid vaccine side effect to be aware of 

fwiw, 5 in 1,000,000 experience this type of clot in a given year, and they're looking at 6 cases after administering 6,800,000 doses. So it's not proven, at this point, that the clots are causally related to the vaccine.


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