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IMO it's not always easy to parse out the distinction between "I'm not trans" and "I'm used to the social expectations and benefits of passing as a guy and it's too much trouble to try something else."

(If you've had a thought like the latter, safe to say you're probably trans and in denial.)

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@t54r4n1 they had to fail so that sixlets could soar

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the funniest part of growing up filipino is No One can figure out if i’m asian or not

most people think not, and the most common argument i hear is “well its not landlocked to asia so,,,,” bitch neither is japan!!

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Do you laugh *regularly* when you're alone?
Like, you're watching a funny show, are you laughing? And I don't mean "I breathed out more forcefully than usual once during Grown Ups 2" I mean actually laughing and that being normal.

(I wish I had more poll options to factor in gender, continent of origin etc but I don't so here we are)

@brennen on Monday people have mercy because it's Monday. Tuesday: merciless.

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Four day weeks that start on Tuesday never feel short.

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the experiences themselves are always changing but our lives never get any less trans and talking about it never gets any less powerful

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@alex (I mentally attached "in this essay, I" to this I hope that's okay I just really want there to be more)

its a shitpost that I can't get out of my head until I post it okay

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@sugar guy fieri is the original pogchamp

@divergentdave can't funge it!!! [MC Hammer dances off a cliff]

NFT hustlers, or as I like to call them, "Funge Guys"

@Pixley holy shit this person should spend literally any time driving through small towns in the midwest. I think a full 20% of them might be erstwhile artist colonies—and they absolutely are NOT trying to recreate a big city experience.

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