I feel like the last couple years of my life have really painted a misleading picture of how cool I am. Expect a reversion to the mean real soon.

being proud of being a former *channer is like bragging that, after years of personal growth and self reflection, you learned to shit in the toilet

Grs recovery 

But I had an appointment today with my local endocrinologist and she said she'd do it for me!

So happy I don't have to drive back down to Rochester for a 10 minute appointment.

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Grs recovery 

My trip to mayo this week identified some granulation tissue, a common post-surgery complication. Basically the body overheals and creates tissue that doesn't finish the healing process the way it should. The way it's treated is to literally cauterize it using silver nitrate, to move the healing to the next stage.

The PA at mayo scheduled me to come back in 2-3 weeks to treat it again (it commonly takes two or three treatments to clear it up). 😩

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Boomer condescension: an infinitely renewable free resource that could power the globe

crackin eggs on a kink discord and got a meme made in my honor I have ascended

It's okay to be like "I really have nothing in common with my family besides maybe some trauma, and I'm just not going to spend time or energy on them anymore."

TransUnion being what it actually sounds like challenge

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