@Pixley heck it's like that scene in Interstellar when the GPS farm equipment goes haywire, but irl

advice (basics) 

@Pixley @alex my theory is bad DHCP addresses, but I'm not confident enough in this to try to explain how to get new DHCP leases for each of these devices.

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Biking sign 

A huge high water mark for my biking career, today I was awarded official use of the full lane. My head is spinning. I wonder if someday the bike gods will smile on you too.

I guess St. Sabrina's is closed indefinitely. :(

uspol, polling 

One way or another, these people are entirely full of shit.

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You should do it. In all likelihood there’s a race on your ballot for mayor, city council, state legislator, county sheriff, etc. These state and local offices have a huge impact on you and your neighbors’ lives and it’s also where your vote has the most power. Do a little research and exercise that power.

And yeah, while you’re there, check the box for Biden because it takes zero effort and stands a non-zero chance of protecting folks from an ongoing authoritarian nightmare


@mood gotta have a little nip from time to time to check quality, at least!


I literally bought 1000 blue cheese and I'm selling them 10 at a time for a 1000% markup.

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Doing arbitrage on Blue Cheese

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putting "just fuck me up with some broccoli" on the shopping list if you want to know how my weekend is going

@activationfxn we also have a massive west facing window with full sun.

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okay, the equinox has come and gone. time to take in the big harvest.

... we're going to need more olive oil.

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