@Laurelai you must have mercifully missed when I reported one of their admins for violating their own code of conduct and they softened their CoC as a consequence.

@ewankeep I've never had a problem hanging a hammock in a state park, but then again I am mostly using sites that are hike-in or otherwise secluded from other campers (and, as a consequence, ranger observation). Is there a place this prohibition is documented that you know of? A quick search didn't turn anything up.

@Nymphia what's surprising is that anyone regards it as anything other than a 100% toxic cesspool... though I am not completely surprised to find such a person on the mod team at fosstodon.

Wow that spinster instance is a total TERF shitshow and a mod at fosstodon is bothsidesing it.

Cool instance you got there.

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@densetsu Is that what we're doing instead of buying Greenland now

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a trans masc person brought this top to the trans nerd meetup a few weeks back and gave it to me, which means it's a very powerful piece of clothing, passed from one trans person to another

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@ghostwife America, love it or leave it or wait for it to collapse so you can be the king of shit mountain

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(To the tune of ice ice baby)

If there’s a grievance yo I’ll air it
Check out the mic, get dissed by a ferret

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