Why can't I just get capitalism to accept that I'm sleepy at 2-5pm and not 11pm?

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An awesome alternative to audible for audiobooks: libro.fm, where you can choose which independent bookstore your purchase supports. I chose Subtext Books in downtown St. Paul.

Libro.fm: libro.fm/referral?rf_code=lfm9

@kukkurovaca are you responsible for this:

"Fixed a bug that caused Bob to stop attacking Mei if she used Cyro-Freeze on top of his head"

The worst part of not getting enough sleep, for whatever reason, is how long you have to wait before you can try to fix it (and then you don't).

Describing widely accepted aspects of daily life as "a failed experiment" is my hobby.

I started small, with 401(k)/defined-contribution retirement planning— but now I've done it for market-based healthcare, cars, captialism, and "logging on."

Who knows what might be next!

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why can't i just be me. why do i have to prove who i am to a machine

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its fucked up how you have to prove that you are yourself. thats one of the worst things about modern technology. you have to prove that you are yourself!!! just to use it!!! you have to fucking PROVE WHO YOU ARE. fucking hell. in no way do i EVER feel like i've got the emotional energy to do that, even to myself, let alone to a machine! jesus christ!! holy shit!! what the fuck!!! prove who you are??? PROVE yourself??? god what is this, is this some kind of dystopian thunderdome experience

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also me: i will not share a bathroom with a cis man until all of them have undergone Bathroom Hygiene Re-education Therapy in a sinister laboratory

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