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Heads up folks, my friend found this dog near Bloomington and 38th. Find him on Instagram or DM me if you might know who this dog’s human is

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i went to a transportation community feedback thing today!
it basically went like this.
me: what if you removed the car parking to put in bus lanes?
them: well haha, uh, that would be *waggles eyebrows* Controversial
me: let me know when you need someone to picket about it. i'll be there.
them: nice, good feedback.

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Gonna finally ditch the dentist that has always vaguely creeped me out and try to find a different dentist to vaguely creep me out.

@earthtopus turns out that the shoe was manufactured by a fire ant so they felt at home there.

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if student debt cancellation happened after i paid off my student loans, i would be happy, because im not a fucking shithead who demands that the entire world revolve around me and i can be happy for other people getting a fair deal

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Anime is short for ANIMalEntertainment which is why there's a corgi in cowboy bebop

@WedgeLIVE ah, civility!! That's where you comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted, right?

Ah, criticizing local media on :birdsite:, like an old comfortable shoe.

That I destroyed in a cleansing ritual because it was filled with fire ants.


@WedgeLIVE you made me log in to Twitter to pile on the Strib, I will never forgive you.

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CBS morning show has suggestions for reducing your carbon footprint. Suggestions are compared to a car-equivalent. But none of the suggestions are actually "drive your car less."

Me to me after a rough morning this morning: nothing is fucked here dude, nothing is fucked.

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@June yeah, that would be cool? I already filed but seeing an example would be super helpful if/when I have to talk the judge into something.

@June Thanks, yeah, I hope so? But I'm worried for two reasons: the Hennepin county name change instructions say "Judges in Hennepin County do not have the authority to order a state other than the State of Minnesota to amend a birth record. Therefore, such requests will *not* [bold, underlined] be granted," and the example application form provided by on the judiciary website specifies Minnesota Department of Health.

So....... I'm wondering how much finesse is needed to make it work.

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