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Why tf does Santa need the cops? What's the connection, besides cops using him, trying to hitch a ride on his sleigh, for positive PR? It's gross.

Two things happen every winter downtown in St. Paul: Santa gets a police escort (fucking yikes!) and the winter carnival mythological figures do a little parade, including the frequently-accused of sexual harassment fraternal organization that represents warm weather, the Vulcans.

It's striking to me how both of these events carry all this baggage of (masculine) violence and aggression, and for no good reason! Both are just gratuitously tainted.


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Back at it. I think that failed tube might have been an over-stressed 29x2 tube that spent too long in a 29x3 tire. Also, shout out to St. Louis Park for this new trail connection that cuts out a dangerous road crossing for me

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@lawremipsum Garg has specifically stated that invite-only instances go against his "intended vision" for Mastodon, so these features will never be a priority so long as he runs the show.

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Your legal analyst is learning that Hennepin County district court is like an airport but for justice.

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@lawremipsum this has been going on for a year and a half now. Every time we post about it, a bunch of people want it, and nothing every gets done. I'm so tired. Here's one from March lol

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Interesting, you can hide what people retoot but not what they toot. This greatly improved the quality of my timeline.

Argument: closed-registration servers should be listed on

Counter: listing closed instances is frustrating for people looking to sign up.

Solution #1: a check box to "include invite-only instances"
Solution #2: there should be an intermediate admin toggle, between closed and open called "invite only" which would add a button to the front page for requesting an invitation.

This isn't hard stuff to solve, just a lack of will to do it.

Yeah, it's policing behavior, but all communities do that. I'd argue it's necessary for a functioning community. People will disagree about this rule or the boundary of that norm, but the nucleus (largely, give a shit about other users because it makes the place better) is pretty consistent.

Right now I feel like culture-establishing toots are valuable... There's no central repository, no single document people can find all the unwritten rules of Mastodon that have built up. The only place you can get the information is by people tooting about it.

Someone should do a study of the content of the federated timeline, particularly what % of posts are "network norm/value statements."

There's a strong culture of affirmatively making cultural value statements, particularly when there's an influx of new users.

And as the network grows there's a growing % of "backlash" posts—people telling people not to tell people what to do.

Fascinating phenomenon!

This patch has been well-received by users of MSP Social and should be pulled into main line. It really helps make awareness of image descriptions part of everyone's Mastodon experience.

Other admins that run custom Mastodon should consider rolling it into theirs!

If you don't take the few seconds it takes to describe your image, I take that as a message that says "this toot was barely worth my time to begin with." Low effort, low value.

Tumblr evacuees: please caption your images!

Everyone else: please caption your images!

MSP Social has an indicator that tells us when an image is captioned, and a lot of us won't boost without a description.

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@radicalthinkerz description: a fictional book cover with the toot text for a title.

Also, a description of the remainder of humanity's future.

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It’s okay to not understand your identity, but just have doubts.

It’s okay to decide to talk to just a few trusted friends, or no friends at all.

It’s okay to decide not to advertise who you are.

It’s okay to know but not want to try to explain it to everyone.

It’s okay to be totally excited about finding yourself and only share it with a tight inner circle.

The only person you owe complete openness and honesty to is yourself.


Okay so take the new Facebook "no sexiness" guidelines and project them back to when they built their empire on college students and just imagine what a colossal failure it would have been.

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