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Concept: No Exit, but set in any given Multiplayer Online Game

Hell is Other Gamers

Anyway come to the Grand opening of my combination hardware store/pharmacy at Lake and Chicago in the former location of Roberts Shoes as soon as someone gifts me the startup capital.

I'm afraid to look at the comments on this.

Allrecipes wants to show me desktop notifications .... for some reason? In case a recipe is recalled? There's a revolutionary new way to combine eggs flour sugar and cream I'm not already familiar with?

Websites: do less. Much, much less.

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Standing at a street corner of the fediverse, wearing a long coat and sunglasses.

"Hey kid, wanna come check out my instance?"

Just the *concept* of having any sort of standards before boosting is a radical Mastodon improvement over twitter culture, let alone the idea that the standards are often to be considerate of other people's experience (requiring CWs and image descriptions are two good examples)

Good work peeps.

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welcome to ...
evergreen season

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We'd love to see you at the monthly More Neighbors social event next Thursday, Jan 17! 6:30-8:30 pm.

Indeed Brewing (711 15th Ave NE).

I'm told they have root beer on tap.

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xkcd is just a less funny version of teen girl squad

I have approximately 100 packages waiting for me at home but I shan't be going home until like 10 tonight 😭

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if wishes were horses, there would be too many horses

like, every wish suddenly becoming a horse? chaos, horses everywhere

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“I voted for him, and he’s the one who’s doing this,” Minton told Mazzei. “I thought he was going to do good things. He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

White Americans keep telling us they don't give a shit about a healthy nation. They just want to hurt people they don't like. That has been most prominent motivation for the white vote since the country was founded.

We had a grocery store chain in town merge a long whole back, and it maintained separate store names: Lunds, and Byerlys.

Finally, after a long period of maintaining separate identities, they decided all of them would go by "Lunds & Bylerlys" or, I guess L&B.

The consequence for me is that before I would distinguish (that one's a Lunds, that one's a Byerlys, even though they're basically identical) now I just call all of them by one name or the other, whichever comes to mind first.

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ok good work everyone let's call it a day *blows quittin' time whistle*

Wow it's been over three months since I got hot enough to submit a streets post.

Well I got a new peeve, so here comes another poaste.

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"Listen to that howling mob of blockheads in the street! A trick or two with leopards and the whole town's on it's feet!"

High Priest Annas on the Las Vegas Strip outside the Sigfried and Roy show

[scratches another tally into the wall at work] the longest week in history stretches into its [counts tallies] second day

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