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🚨 Parks Commissioner Meg Forney is trying to opt out of the 2040 plan in her neighborhood, just a 5 minute walk from a future light rail station.

Please send an email in opposition to the proposed Ivy-Zenith-32nd Conservation District.

The Stay Puft Marshmellow Man is a Kaiju.

Oh, give me the bleat, boys, and shear my wool
I wanna get lost with your flock and roll and graze away

FOSSboys: "I just really really really want nazis to use my work, but like, in a totally politically neutral way 😇"

The Fedilab developer just admitted to acting in bad faith by removing the user agent identification from their client.

I can understand a browser changing the user agent to something else for compatibility reasons, but for a client to deliberately remove identification to evade the wishes of the servers they connect to?

That’s not something well-behaved clients usually do... is going to get ban really quick if they dont deal with the porn bots

Public Transit Projects Cheaper Than Uber's $5.2 Billion Q2 Losses, Ranked

Please fund more transit for people instead of pernicious capitalist nightmares for rich sycophants.

Missed this on my calendar, but Happy International Jerks Play Overwatch Night

This is after two pretty ample harvests for caprese salad *this week*

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