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Climate, action 

Not gonna reply to @LilyVers 's thread because I wanna be Tennille

@lawremipsum This put me off saying anything the very first time I wanted to give an answer other than "she/her." And that was at an LGBT group's meeting! It was a year ago and it still hurts so much.

@lawremipsum I hate this so much, and the jokes are never, ever worth it

Don't be the person that uses pronoun introductions to "make a joke."

Mods and admin!!!

If you have instance block recommendations pls file under #fediblock

@gingerrroot and I started this as a way to collect them for reference

Easier to have it under a hashtag so they can be found. Pls and thanks

I guess UPS is just going to deadname me forever, even when packages are addressed to the correct name. I changed my name everywhere in their interface that I can, and still.

Anyway this is a reminder to take care of yourself by taking care of the space around you.

I got unexpectedly, massively sensitive to dust (or some other household allergen) this winter. Unfortunately I also made the dubious choice to store my electric blanket on the dusty floor all summer.

It took me months to realize what was going on—I've never had a dust sensitivity before & thought maybe it was a persistent cold.

I removed the cursed blanket, and improved overnight. I also got a HEPA filter vacuum, and washed a bunch of stuff.

The air is way cleaner and my body is happy again.

my life goal is to get all my toots rated as “inappropriate” by italians

@scrapers voglio 80 millioni di dollari e un robot gigante, nerds

steven universe, spoilery if you haven't seen season 1 

Buy art from @interneteh, I have a chickadee he painted and it's Cute As Heck

I use the clear notifications button as an extremely soft block / mute

Let's play "Transition Timeline or Real Estate Ad"

Talking openly about gender exploration and the fiction of strict gender boundaries 2k20

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