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Car take: why have Priuses always had the worst goddamned sight lines / blind spots?

I have always driven sedans so this isn't about them not being trucks, just that they've got uniquely horrible angles and obstructions.

It's 70 goddamn degrees I probably should have ridden my bike to saint Paul for this appointment but why would it be 70 degrees on November 4

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@Austin_Dern Mark looks like he's gauging whether you can punch an enby

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There is a fantastic poster of Life is Strange's Max and Chloe in Chloe's bedroom being queer that I would love to have, but I can't stomach it because it's got a massive US flag in it.

It's not even upside-down. Chloe... come on.

uspol / election litigation 

This is all unfortunately starting to remind me that I amassed my following on Twitter (account now deleted) by tweeting pseudonymous legal analysis of the Franken v Coleman election litigation.

I don't think the presidential race is within the "margin of litigation"—though with a GOP-packed SCOTUS who can say for sure—but it's depressing that 12 years later this concept has only grown more salient, not less, for any hope of non-regressive elected representation.

Pol take 

Seems like a big part of the appeal of anti-electoralism is the fantasy that ignoring elections lets you pretend that people who vote for harmful representation—and their political and policy preferences—just don't exist, or will stop existing once voting is abolished, or whatever. That somehow those people can just be completly ignored, because they are inconvenient.



Iowa in particular is uniquely contemptworthy

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Dental covid screening form: "have you traveled to any region affected by covid?" Hahaha ok.


this country sucks ass

Who is ready to video game until their eyes dessicate?


Winter has arrived: I have cleaned the humidifier and replaced the wick.

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A fun search on MSP Social is "ivoted"

Thank you, poll workers and election staff, your public service to make everything work is both critical and undervalued.

Some irl 20020 news for you (V2 will reach Proxima Centauri sometime around then...)

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Trains really are the ideal transportation...

Zelda has decided this bag that, until moments ago held 25# of flour, is her new home.

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