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politics flamebait, mnpol 

I present to you the most cursed political party.

If there ever was a political party for the fediverse to justifiably hate, it's this one.

Lewd, genitals implied, mnpol 

I think we all know what's coming...

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Unfortunately when I have this dream, I wake up and I am an attorney.

some advice about gender dysphoria & transition 

When someone says things like "I want to transition, but I'm too old, so I won't," it's sort of like saying "I won't brush my teeth, because I've already gotten some fillings."

That's the kind of perfectionism that tells you to accept defeat before you even start. If you've had some body changes that you don't like, that doesn't mean it's time to give up on taking care of your body. You can start taking care of yourself and taking control of your health any time. It may not be as close to your ideal as if you'd started earlier, but it'll be better than if you had continued not taking care of it.

The best time to plant a tree is thirty years ago. The second best time is today.

Today's result has been very well received in the tri neighborhood area. A tremendous sense of unity among Americans of both types, people inside and outside of cars.

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just came across the map in my tabs and fucking laughed my ass off in real life.
please find attached for archival reasons

Me: "Jesus Christ sexism is intolerable"
Experienced sexism recipients: [chuckle]

weird incel/4chan trans uspol thing 

@mxsiege joe... biden...forcefem

fucken wild

uspol georgia results 

Georgia turns blue at 4:20AM

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Celeste, I don't know if I should call this a spoiler but it's gender stuff 

Just found out that the writer for Celeste has finally given written confirmation that, yeah, as most folks I know who played the game figured, Madeline is trans. Even if the author didn't actually know that at the time. Kind of a Matrix situation, I guess!

Article link:

Tweet link:

uspol, Ilhan Omar, +, snark 

So, DNC, how's that "castigate the leftist upstarts" working out for you? ^_^

Damn, but that's a fantastic margin. =:D

there was a study where half of a remote class was told their TA was male & half was told the TA was female - surprise! the female TA got 5x as many negative reviews. (it was the same TA behind different profiles.)

"The overall bias favoring the male TA wasn’t shocking to [Emily] Khazan and [Laura] Greenhaw, but did surprise their co-author, associate professor Steve Johnson"

Lewd, genitals, uspol 

incidentally, two years is about how long it takes, barring any other obstacles, to get past the gatekeepers and wait for a surgeon to free you from unwanted girldick.

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Lewd, genitals, uspol 

With Biden soon to lock down the presidency, but Dems potentially failing to secure control of the senate, gird yourselves for at least two years of federal girldick

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Blocking everyone who comes into my eyeline with an unCWd uspol post.

Idk I feel kinda hot today but also it's not really coming across in selfies today whatevs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(Eye contact)

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