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HOW do I have *95* quests left in Stormblood????

covid, and the people who recklessly spread it, are transphobic

Non-binary and/or gender non-conforming.

shout out to those folks who have changed their birth certificates; I guess you're cis now, congrats??

USPol, Court 

A fantasy of mine is one day a litigant will get in front of the Court and Alito will ask a question, and the litigant will respond: "It's my deeply held religious belief that there are no Justices named Samuel Alito on the Court. Did someone say something?" And move on.

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work (~?) 

I put it at about a 90% chance my boss doesn't know I'm in a union.

My state's AG should sue South Dakota for interfering with interstate commerce by not enforcing any public health regulations on Sturgis.

Covid, dark humor 

This map is also colored like a UPS delivery time estimate map for Covid delivery from Sturgis.

I'm sure that's entirely coincidental.

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Covid, dark humor 

America's hottest new club is The Negative Air Pressure ICU.

It's got everything: Covid, overworked infectious healthcare workers, ground glass opacity lung tissue.

Everyone's grandparents will be there.


all the people who are too good to wear masks and socially distance are going to delay my surgery again so they can each accept my personal invitation to get fucked

30 years ago today, Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau published their formal proposal for the World Wide Web.

This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

Work (-) 

I had to turn down the job offer in Hawaii, and my boss made me regret it within a week.

Arson and Looting 

@firewally if you're going to do property damage but not properly target the harm, your praxis is lazy as fuck

Arson and Looting 

A thorough investigation of the damage done to small/minority-owned businesses in Kenosha, echoing the damage of Minneapolis and other places

widespread property damage (especially arson) fucking suck ass as political tactics.

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