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The great thing about using the admin account to state extremely non-controversial things like

"Fuck off, white supremacists" and "we deplatform anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers"

Is that all the bad-faith broslices will tell on themselves by replying to sealion me or whatever

Meta, fascists 

AWS is yanking Parler, which means it will probably go offline at least for a while.

This is an especially important time to be vigilant about fascists on the fediverse and not give any foothold to them. They'll be casting around for a new home rn and this mustn't become one.

Please use the #fediblock tag to alert for fascist instances.


I have learned that the entire race of walking catfish are fishmongers, but now he wants to be a miner. :oh_no:

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this walking catfish is going to become a merchant of renown by selling... fish


because I am friends with the snakewomen I can now paint my nails and I love this


but seriously, I’m feeling extra special vindicated on having an absolutely-zero-nazis policy on our instance. I’ve been criticized for going too far by not federating with instances who choose to federate with gab, but guess what.

de-platforming fascists is good and it works.

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@triz once a mod consumes enough milkweed, they secrete a cocoon and begin their transformation into an admin

sealab 2021 

this show accidentally predicted The Real Ass Mood of 2021, i.e. “shouting over top of the deafening CATASTROPHIC IMPLOSION IMMINENT alarms to explain to your bored friends that if you put your brain in a robot body it’d DEFINITELY have chainsaw hands”

uspol (insurrection) 

Good analysis and criticism of the absolute security failures in DC yesterday.

cw reminder 

Reminder to cw your toots about violence, uspol, pol in general, etc.

Uspol / fedi 

Countdown to the Trump™ pleroma instance

uspol, minneapolis 

@lawremipsum yes, this is oddly familiar. We kept telling people that the people burning down our neighborhood were white fascists and that the cops were letting them. Yeah, sure some angry black folks and others rioted and burned down the police station and looted the Target and Cub grocery store. But they weren't who burned down small, local black businesses and went into residential neighborhoods setting fires. That was Bugaloos and 3 Percenters and suburban white kids.

uspol, minneapolis 

Having serious End Of May in South Minneapolis feelings about how things are developing in DC, particularly with the passive law enforcement response and the impunity from the insurrectionists.


Holy shit, who's ready to call their fuckin' senators about some shit this year? I know I am.

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