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It's the thrill of my life to be wooed and pursued by candidates for Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation. (Nice try, Zellhoefer, but I'm a one candidate kind of guy in this race.)

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Holding hands with Zelda is one of my life's #1 experiences, and I get to do it almost every day

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My cat's new extremely normal behavior is using pillows exactly the way humans use pillows.

I was just reminded by @t54r4n1 that someone today saw us together and just started talking to us about going to lesbian bars and I'm only now reflecting on how fucking awesome and euphoric that experience was.

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Nice headphones you got there. Would be a real shame if they ended up on the floor

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Image description: meme with two images of spongebob. In one he is holding a stack of money and it is captioned "city governments when asked to build a new sports stadium." In the othe, spongebob looks tired, and it is captioned "city governments when asked to build housing, transit, etc."

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selfpol, my opponents 

My opponents have each been sending out one email per day to all city delegates. One schedules his for the morning, and the other schedules his for the evening. Every. God. Damned. Day.

It's cute that they're coordinating, but holy christ boys knock it the fuck off.


Kate Knuth had me on her call list and decided to call me just to chat. 💜

When @fysicscat asked me what I've been doing for fun lately and I was like "fun?"

Something that's "funny" is that I accidentally clicked on something that sent me to a facebook login page and now I'm getting ads for facebook like maybe I hadn't ever heard of it and maybe I ought to consider giving this newfangled social network a try.

So, Facebook advertises—and makes sure to do it creepily, and by stalking you around the internet—like the targeting they facilitate. Which is a form of honesty I guess.

holy shit i'm writing and deleting a lot of tweets this morning. Need to do something real.

gotta clear the ol tweetdeck column so I don't have to stare at steve's face

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