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Grs recovery (mental and emotional), Madoka 

Madoka spends like ten-and-a-half episodes out of a twelve episode series NOT being a magical girl. Not sure if she wants to be, or sure if she's ready, and faced all the social and internal pressures of doing it for The Right Reasons.

So in as much as Magical Girl stories are metaphors for transition, Madoka, in particular, is a story of someone who transitioned "late."

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Grs recovery 

I've joked that because they're using a giant wad of material as a bolster to apply pressure to the surgery site, it looks like my package is bigger than ever and they obviously did the wrong thing. Like, literally it is hard to use the tray table at a useful height without bumping it.

My mom came to visit yesterday and made the same joke. "Nice package," 😂

Today is the last day with my prosthetic cotton package—which is apparently sutured directly to me—it comes off tomorrow.

Pictured: a transwoman who insisted the nurse account for her estrogen this morning.

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Grs shitpost 

Me: "I had my perineum remodeled, because I wanted something more open-concept."

@t54r4n1 : "...on the next Gender Flippers."

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They seem to respond to me being "cost conscious" with confusion.

I got this plastic contraption to work out my lungs while I'm in bed. They're all super confused when I'm like "hey let's make sure my insurance will pay for this."

"Oh we usually just 'give' it to you when you leave." Uh huh, sure. I'm sure SOMEONE is paying $50-100 for this thing I just want to make sure it's not me holding that bag six weeks after I leave.

(Watch me get a bill for it after multiple attempts)

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@lawremipsum tired: gender reassignment surgery
wired: upcycling your junk

"get some sleep" they say
"I'm here to inspect your junk at 6:45" they say

I'm cold because I was sweating bodies come on

Lewd, genitals implied, mnpol 

Jokes that hit different all of a sudden.

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The amazing @t54r4n1 replaced the picture of jesus in my room with this:

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Grs recovery joke 

Them: I will bring two [Nintendo] switches

Me, in hospital bed: I can't use switches for three months

Medical update 

I yeeted a nurse and I'd do it again

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I didn’t manage to import my followers list before the lights went out at rad town, so it would be really helpful if people could boost this to know I am over here now. 💜💖🖤☺️

Getting just amazing pictures of zelda from our friend/cat-sitter

It's fine actually because I can just not connect to the internet and then no update is needed 😆

It's just badly designed and that makes me angy

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