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(image descriptions: two passages from an essay in "Something that may Shock and Discredit You" where the author describes the feeling of being trans before you realize it as an inexplicable homesickness, and also as trying to get people of your gender to relate to you in a way that neither you nor they can recognize.)

and there.... on the timeline....

was a rusted hook!! πŸŽƒ

@lawremipsum being one with the night…

in theory: carnival of sensual delights, heart-pounding blend of wonder and terror

in practice: hard to see things, constantly tempted to hibernate

Me, at any time after 7:30 pm for the last week or two: "cripes what is it, like 11?" [No]


Image description: "the 'i'm not lgbt I just care a lot about lgbt issues' to 'oh' pipeline"

Just want to exchange all my stuff for new Stuff II: Stuff that doesn't have physical extension.

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I packed three medium boxes. It looks like nothing has changed except I have three more full boxes.

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I got a little behind on "pack a box a day" so I packed a few yesterday and will pack a few more today.

I kinda got ennui about whether or not being able to pack boxes of stuff weeks or a month before I move suggests I probably don't need those things at all...

Watch "Unlimited Pursuit Medley - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney [Extreme-Mashup]" on YouTube


Closing on the new place on the 25th and I just want to start moving todayyyyyyyyyyyyy (and also not pack! Just lazily bring a few things upstairs every day until i decide to stop and give away/sell/dispose of the rest.)

Is that so much to ask

@lawremipsum @mxsparks on the one hand, everybody is on their own gender journey even the cis ppl but on the other hand it breaks my fuckin heart whenever i come across someone who has given up on transition even though they clearly know, just because cis society is so fucking hard on us

@lawremipsum and, you know, you might turn out a guy anyway and switch back! or m/b it’s just not that important to you, and that’s cool too!

but if β€œhm, that part of not-guy is kind of fun to think about” is a thought for you: it’s worth a shot! try it out, if only for a story to talk about

in fact, any kind of claim about Trans or Not-Trans is optional (and that’s a binary worth smashing anyhow), and i <<3 my cis pals who do various amounts of Trying Stuff Out

IMO it's not always easy to parse out the distinction between "I'm not trans" and "I'm used to the social expectations and benefits of passing as a guy and it's too much trouble to try something else."

(If you've had a thought like the latter, safe to say you're probably trans and in denial.)

It's weird how online social spaces just sort of drift as people stop using them, or go elsewhere. Following lists that start out vital and replete slowly become ghost ships. Vague memories.

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