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one thing that's cool about not having endogenous testosterone organs is being able to be *totally chill* about being late with my estrogen.

I might start to feel crummy, but I'm never gonna start sprouting more facial hair again.

I put my handwarmers down somewhere and they were never seen again, a story of dimensional rifts and definitely not adhd

Can you please send me your favorite electronics, open source software, free media, and computer literacy propaganda posters?

Just did the math: I have spent more on lube for the six months after surgery ($150) than I spent on the surgery ($100).

Thinking about hosting jackbox sometime this weekend. Your preferred dates?

Once again putting out there that I have a king sized sleep number bed that I would like for someone to take off my hands. Dual chamber (i.e., two people each get their own comfort setting).

The bed frame is solid wood and quite heavy. One of the side tables (which are attached to the frame) has a big burn mark on it (?!?) so maybe someone wants to refinish it or just put something on top of it, I wouldn't judge you.

Eye contact selfie 

Rosy cheeked and fresh from biking

They mailed me the rejection with a blank form to send back, and with my name spelled wrong.

I really am not very optimistic this is going to happen.

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First attempt at having my loans forgiven was rejected because I signed my form electronically instead of with a pen.

This is a very efficient system.


Like, at this rate I don't even really need lube. That's not what I was given to understand would happen??

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Grs recovery (-?) 

Like, if I use a toy that is too powerful or too forceful or for too long am I scrambling unhealed tissues or spoiling the souffle or whatever?? (And even if a doctor told me it's fine, the resulting discomfort makes me want to put off the next try for a few more weeks.)

Frustrating! I just want my crotch to not hurt.

The other thing that's not what I expected is that I am just leaking all day every day. Way more moisture than I expected I'd be emitting.

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Grs recovery (-?) 

I just had to count multiple times because I can't believe I haven't even been back home from the hospital for four full months yet.

Maybe that should reassure me? I've been frustrated with lingering pain and discomfort since the 12 week follow-up when they told me I could resume normal activities, including sex.

Sex when your sex parts are painful and uncomfortable isn't appealing! And I'm worried about breaking something or slowing healing or idek what.

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The ADHD experience of starting something but forgetting to start the timer so you you're just doing it forever now

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