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woke up and there were still computers. is anyone working on fixing this

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weather warning: the met office has issued a weather warning concerning the current weather conditions, the warning is - High chance of, if you were to go outside, you might, as we say , "tf" into a fox, specifically that fox, from the tumblrt post, wherein it says some phrase such as 'it fucken wimdy'

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Check left front pocket
Check right front pocket
Check left back pocket
Check right back pocket
Raise hands

Today's home improvement: some pull-out recycle bins! :oh_yeah:

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All you need to do is:

1: Copy you wordle results and paste them into the left column on (image 1)
2: Take a screenshot of your results (image 2)
3: Create a tweet and add the screenshot, using alternative text (image 3 + 4)


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10 of 15 seats on the Charter Commission are expiring in 2022. Get your applications ready.

Metge - 3/1/22
Garcia - 4/1/22
Ginder - 5/1/22
Rubenstein - 5/1/22
Abbott - 5/1/22
Schwarzkopf - 5/10/22
Newborn - 6/1/22
Sandberg - 7/1/22
Smith - 7/1/22
Kozak - 7/1/22

[sunglasses on]

I feel the need...

the need...


[Homestar Runner Voice] gwapes

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unbelievable that people out there just live their lives as they please unencumbered by worrying about everything

How many characters does Questionable Content have

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The question isn't whether a street reconstruction happens, it's whether we put it back together largely the way it's always been. Or if we follow the plans, policies and goals of this city to build the the kind of street we want for the next 60 years.

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Brought to you by the Quotation Mark Advocacy Council:

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thinking about HRT? do it! do it you coward!! or don’t, if you don’t want to. but if you do — DO IT! tbqh imho it fuckin slaps

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Am I muted? Does this icon mean not-visible or make-not-visible?? DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK?

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We've been in the ubiquitous computer era for something approaching 30 years and it feels like we have just given up on clear semantics for on-off buttons.

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After analyzing 1000s of screenshots of my friend’s FFXIV characters I feel confident that I can sort them all into the following categories:
- People I want to throw a glass of wine in my face
- People I want to get into a fistfight with
- People I would charge triple to babysit

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