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how do I stop obsessing over work, I'm not going back until the 30th.

gender identity multi-select survey/polling response options: what's so difficult with this concept

Minneapolis Survey (climate adj) 

ICYMI Minneapolis Waste and Recycling has a survey seeking input how household waste has changed since March of 2020.

I, for one, have noticed a SIGNIFICANT increase in the waste leaving our home.

It's especially stressful as we're witnessing climate breakdown.

Anywho, fill it out. IMO this is a good survey that is designed just to gather data.
(though there's one point asking if we'd support a policy to opt in to single use items)

covid, mortality 

I enjoy the first minute of this incredibly authentic video of TV news personality Rachel Maddow telling the world that she doesn't know how to put on makeup and she doesn't use it, before talking about her partner nearly dying from Covid.


Someone on here was talking about chocolate beet cake the other night and we were like "we have had a bag of beets sitting in the freezer for at least a year..." and the rest is history.

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Band: Gimme the Loot (song)
Album Title: And then adorn yourself accordingly

is there any exchange more iconic than
"i know kung fu."
"show me."

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