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Hi! I've decided I'm going to try using this account for server-admin related announcements, so they don't make up such a big portion of what I post on my regular account.

Welcome, new users!

One of the big benefits of Mastodon is a locally administered server—the admins are people you can actually talk with directly—AND there is a "local" timeline. You can see local users and what they're talking about by checking out

Local users that use the web interface, refresh to see new features, including bookmarks and announcements. There's probably other stuff too, idk.

I'm going to be patching up to the latest version in a little bit. There may be some downtime, I hope to keep it to a minimum.

For people playing with the MSP social code on GitHub, the branch I am working on is local_3.0.1 .

Master is broken and will need to be fixed at some point.

Image description icon is back (looks like it needs a little tweaking). Emoji picker is nicer again.

I'm going to be working on restoring some of our local features today, so the site may go up and down a bit while I make the attempts.

Monday 10/28 between 6 and 7 pm, Digital Ocean will be performing network maintenance.
They say "there may be a brief period of connectivity loss and increased latency while we shift traffic to redundant devices. We will endeavor to keep this to a minimum for the duration of the change."

For example, right now scrolling back a little bit crashes the web interface. This is stock 3.0.1 so I have no idea where to begin debugging that. Probably a bad dependency?

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I apologize if things are a little unstable for a while. It's sort of why I was putting off upgrading... It was very stable and now ... Bugs.

You can now set the default web view to be one-column if you don't like the tweetdeck-style interface.

For now i think I will leave it here.

I had to put aside all our local quality-of-life mods because one of them was causing a bug that prevented the page from loading at all.

Over time I will roll them back in, but it might take a while. In the meantime, no local-only toots, no described image icon, and that horrible default emoji picker icon.

Right now for whatever reason it looks like things work okay on mobile but neither of the desktop browsers I'm using. Working on it.

I am going to start upgrading the Mastodon software. Expect intermittent downtime as updates are applied and services are restarted.

Also after the upgrade some of our local features might need to be debugged. I have tested on my dev machine, but chances are I didn't catch everything. Let @lawremipsum know if something isn't working right and I'll try to figure it out.

I have started work on updating the instance to the latest Mastodon release, but the machine I use for the task needs an upgrade to do it at a tolerable speed.

I've ordered an SSD and hope to make progress on it in the next few weeks.

Seems to be something janky with images loading, and it appears the problem is with Digital Ocean's CDN.

I'll monitor it and see if things improve or if I need to fix a workaround.

I've silenced

Their admin's nonpology, his concession that he doesn't believe he violated his own CoC, and the plan to rewrite their CoC 'more clearly' make it clear that they don't really want to police themselves.

If this changes I will revisit this decision.

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