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Two self-actualized INFJ transwomen in a relationship = New game+ irl but co-op this time

Change can be hard. Taking care of yourself is a change that's worth the work.

celebrating accomplishments! 

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#mastoart #creative

(a little bit of inkwash to show off the pretty ink sample I got... and lost by knocking it over... LOL)

hrt, breasts, random musing as per 

:flag_mpls: my city is putting on a free community education class for binary folks to understand enbies and i'm very :heart_nb: :blobuwu: :heart_nb: about it

* Erika loses her Mastodon keys and her backup keys and then walks out the locked door and shuts it behind her :blobuwu: :blobwaitwhat: :blobfacepalm:

Thanks for opening the window so I could climb back in, @lawremipsum !! xD

The title screen for Super Mario Advance has darkened edges (left). The lit area in the middle is 160x144 pixels, exactly the resolution of the original Game Boy (insert on right). As a Game Boy Advance launch title, this effect was meant to illustrate the increase in resolution.

Trans girls

Boost to like trans girls, like if you’re a trans girl


Pro tip for sysadmins, developers and DBAs.

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