been MIA because of work+baby but I’m back to say that I’m taking the baby on vacation byeeeeeeeeeestupidjob✌🏻

got harassed at a poster session for no reason today and it made me feel like shit in a way I haven’t felt like since grad school

protip: always be pregnant during the winter so you don’t have to help shovel

interviewing candidates this week and next - any tips on questions to ask to suss out the assholes??

took the whole week off knowing there’s some "code red" crisis at work that i am supposed to be dealing with. don't care✌🏻😎

took the day off and sent the smol beast to daycare and I slept until 10am👌🏻🙌🏻

everyone in the house is sick now and happy monday 🙃

god what a shite week. juggling a sick baby and work is a fucking nightmare.

apparently babies don’t observe daylight savings time???????? wtf baby get👏🏻it👏🏻together👏🏻

1st best costume was obviously the smol beast’s (octopus) 2nd best costume was the tiny girl dressed as an armadillo

so few kids come to my door (also I’m never home during prime time) that I tell them “take as much as you want” and they lose their minds I love it

eternal question: am I awake because I’m farting or am I farting because I’m awake?

giving negative shits about anything work related today

poll: is 7:45pm too early for bed?
no / no
plz circle your answer

judging by the looks I just got in a WI Burger King (I KNOW I KNOW) not a lot of the other patrons have seen a lady breastfeed a baby

pro tip: don’t loudly yell “shit” when dropping your child off at daycare

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