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I skipped over Maiden and Mother, and transitioned directly to Crone

Don’t forget: Fat Bear Week starts next Monday! The junior division prelims are finishing up now:

gameing (Valhalla spoilers oblique reference) 

Just finished the Sciropescire storyline last night and I have some FEELS

weight mention (+) (not WL-related) 

ME: Why do I feel so blah today? *checks calendar* Right, of course, it’s the waning crescent.
MARS: YOU’RE a waning crescent.
ME: *pats belly* Oh, I’m preeeetty sure I’m waxing gibbous.

In unrelated news, my college band wasn’t able to play our quinquennial rëünïön live set this year, so we recorded our magnum opus (previously only ever played live) via email and Logic Pro. It’s a rock opera about space pirates.

Enjoy “Astronaughty 2Ö21”:

extremely surreal to have a conversation with That Voice. Hope producers can edit me into something coherent

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So I might be on All Things Considered this afternoon chatting with Tom Crann about Laura Jane Grace and trans joy??

(It’d be around 3:18pm, I assume just in Minnesota, since it’s hyping The Current’s 2021 Pride playlist)

I’ve started playing with Garageband for a collaborative project (h*cking WOW is diy recording easier now than it was twenty years ago). I don’t even have any physical drums anymore, so I’ve been using the software drummers and they’re really quite impressive. Next step: recording vocals. If I can keep up with creating music, I have given myself permission to do a capitalism and buy an electric guitar. (I have learned that buying the tool first does not lead to progress.)

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