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The beta test of “Lilith” has not revealed any issues, and principle stakeholders have signed off; it is now at release candidate status.

In the forthcoming update, “she/her” pronouns will also be designated as preferred; “they/them” pronouns will continue to be admitted, with no current plans to deprecate support.

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Hi! I’m Stef, a ¹ ² in . You might also know me by my ³ name, Hüsker Stü. I use they/them/their pronouns.

Hope to connect with more expats, & ⁴ fans, residents, folks, -tes, and types.
³ , ex-

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@nicepersonality this is "trans people are not a burdan", not "protect trans kids", but 5% of the proceeds go to the aclu.

and a dollar from each purchase of this shirt goes to the trevor project?

Question: there are a million “Protect Trans Kids” shirts for sale on the intarwebs; are there any whose sales specifically go to organizations that actually do so?

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so, uh

does anyone have any dating tips for fortysomething panromantic gray-asexual transgender divorcées

asking for a friend

yesterday, my night ended with a bar full of queers singing along with this and it was everything I needed

@stelepami July 4, 1998: young pre-Lilith decides on a whim to buy a Lilith Fair ticket and drives three hours south to Deer Park. I dance all day at the top of the hill over the main stage. As Sinéad O’Connor joins the Indigo Girls on stage for a transcendent version of “Chickenman,” the sun sets and a dozen different fireworks shows are visible on the horizon. I discover that I’m parked three cars down from a HS ex and her friends and we all talk for hours while the lot empties. Perfect day.

Nothing says “I was a teenaged egg in the ‘90s” like how much I adore this dress. I love it a lot. A lot a lot. (eye contact)

partial list of trans holidays:

• Transgender Day of Remembrance
• Transgender Day of Visibility
• Transgender Day of Paperwork
• Transgender Day of Explaining This Shit To Your Parents, Again
• Transgender Day of Dealing With Medical Insurance (formerly part of TDoP but it got too big)
• Transgender Day of Seeing Another Trans Person at the Coffee Shop But They Don't Have Any Openly Trans Signifiers and What Are You Gonna Say To Them Anyway, Hi, I'm Trans Too, How's It Going
• Halloween

I have done 2 (two) works so far this week

Please clap

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THOU w/ EMMA RUTH RUNDLE, FALSE, GROGUTS, and WITHOUT at the Turf Club tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 27)! This should be one awesome h*cking metal show (and also NOT a h*cking saüsage fëst, which is always pleasant). False are one of my favorite bands and I really like what I’ve heard from the others as well. See you there?

I dressed very age-appropriate today and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that tbh?

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region.

An alternative to social networks that connected people in the region that have either died away or driven people off with unethical or anti-social policies.

MSP Social is a noncommercial community service, hosted and administered by @lawremipsum. Users should not feel obligated to contribute financially to the project. But contributions to defray server costs and/or for possible future expansion are welcome at Patreon, Liberapay or via PayPal to lawremipsum at gmail.

We financially support local community-oriented organizations. Currently, we support WedgeLive, Streets MN, Grease Rag and The MN Tool Library. Future support of community-oriented organizations will be determined by accountholders, donors and the admin, and is likely to be focused on groups that advance the values of the donors and encourage underrepresented voices in community and urban planning spheres.

Recurring contributors: @hfrazey,, @Jennybellium, @densetsu, @iangreenleaf, @britvulcan, @joeld, @yeahno, @paulference, @billmk, @brandon, @benjotron, @june @wafflesoup and anonymous.

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