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Hi new Twitter expat friends! It seems like a good time to revise my :

I’m Lilith, a in her mid-40s. I live in south with my partner and two . I’m a grad and currently work at . I grew up in .

Hope to connect with /#derbyTwitter folks; , , and/or fans; residents; and types.

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Q: Why was the anarchist Halloween party so disappointing?


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I skipped over Maiden and Mother, and transitioned directly to Crone

Dragon Age 2 hot take 

Aveline isn’t actually an unpopular companion for any of the reasons fans claim.

Sure, ACAB, but lots of DA companions are cop-analogous (Carver, Cullen, Alistair, Cassandra… hell, Leilana and the Iron Bull are straight-up spooks). Sure, some of her opinions are Problematic, but that’s literally every NPC. Sure, she enters a romantic relationship with someone she has authority over, but so does every PC!

No, people hate Aveline because she’s basic.

Because our cats are getting older and their corporeal forms have more Needs, we feed them bougie canned food. Because we live in Minneapolis, every time we feed them, we must sing:

They eat the hyyyyy-drating purée 🎵
The kind that we buy from the Urban Tails store 💜
Hydrating purée 🎵
If they had their way, they would be eating much more 💜

I will never not boost toots about the Bell Riots.

…wait if shitposts on Fedi are pooptoots, does that make them sharts? send toot

corporate Pride pooptoot 

As a woman who transitioned later in life, I know what it’s like to get clocked. That’s why, this Pride Month, I’m partnering with Howard Miller,

Deleted a jokey toot that had harmful impact which I should have anticipated. To clarify, I love and am loved by many straight people


The students message translated from Spanish (Google translate):

Thank you for helping my family
you are the best community
May God always bless and protect you <3 thank you

emoji art 


When I spill salt, I always throw a little over both shoulders, to blind the angel AND the devil. No gods, no masters

My friend is looking for queer filipino-american artists/content creators/media, especially from a transmasc perspective

Anyone have suggestions?

is there anything else half as obnoxious as a cat half an hour before his designated feeding time

Chip & Dale (mild spoilers, but I haven't actually seen it) 

I was tentatively interested in this movie until I found out Gadget is barely even mentioned in it, and that was that.

I mean, I devoured Rescue Rangers after school during first puberty, but I only cared about the non-Gadget characters inasmuch as they related to her.

poll, food 

There’s at least one Slovak soup that includes all four: onions, cabbage, prunes, and potatoes. (I’ve never had it, though, because Grandma HATED it when she was a child and refused to make it as an adult.)

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poll, food 

Setting this up was how I realized that the edible nightshades are in more than one genus—I had thought peppers would be the same genus as tomatoes et al., but of course they’re capsicum.

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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