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asking for help (boosts welcome) 

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I skipped over Maiden and Mother, and transitioned directly to Crone

uspol shitpost 

uspol, brocialism, swearing 

medical (very mildly –) 

medical (very mildly –) 

(Everyone else in the Gayhold is currently sitting in the living room, playing Stardew Valley on their respective devices.)

roommate: Does anybody know what I need to build a chest?
me: Progesterone.

The Expanse (non-diagetic; non-spoiler) 

you’re h*ckin’ right I’ve got thigh rub 

(un)employment (+) 

I have now watched the

Unexpectedly, I thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie and I will happily watch it again if it makes it to the Riverview

I know that’s not a very entertaining review to read but 🤷🏻‍♀️

Asking for financial help :boost_ok:​ 

asking for help (boosts welcome) 

Anyway I’m about to be funemployed again so expect my posting volume to pick back up.

Yesterday: graduation from Prime, receipt of the Most Expensive Hoodie I’ll Ever Own(tm)

Today: en route to Wisconsin, to spend the weekend meeting Mars’s families

It’s an exciting and eventful time in the life of the Lilith, is basically what I’m saying

oh no my estrogen dose was increased last week and even though I’m happy rn my brain is busy trying to find an excuse to just start bawling

if your day would be improved by an obnoxiously cute t4t couple selfie, please accept this offering (eye contact)

politics (US; Dem primaries) 

Who has two thumb emojis and just put in seven job applications?


You know what makes me super anxious and avoidant? Writing cover letters. (Y’all can guess what I’m anxiously avoiding doing right now.)

Q: Why was the anarchist Halloween party so disappointing?


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