I’ve been thinking of selling print-on-demand stuff online. I want to choose an ethical service with good quality. I’m not expecting to make huge bucks or sell large volumes. Any recommendations? (boosts welcome)

relevant details: primarily shirts (if the service provides other products, that’s great but not required); primarily single-color designs

@stelepami @nicepersonality @zigg It was, but he wasn't that happy with it (because they sold "dubious" designs and didn't want to remove them, I think).

I suggested having a look at (have never used it, though!) and he mentioned he had started having a look at, but I have no idea whatever happened with that.

I'm interested in making some t-shirts, too, that's why I've been following 😅

@estebanm @stelepami @nicepersonality I have dropped the ball a little. I started looking at both Teemill and Society6, and it doesn’t seem like either one has the purple shirt I want to print on 😢

@nicepersonality I have been buying stuff from Decent quality, price ok... I have no idea about their ethicalness though?
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