Question: there are a million “Protect Trans Kids” shirts for sale on the intarwebs; are there any whose sales specifically go to organizations that actually do so?

@lawremipsum Good find, but it doesn’t look like that campaign is still active. Still searching…

Somewhat related: my trans teen just started going to this new group and it seems great so far. No shirts yet though.

@hfrazey at the suggestion of an attorney with JustUs Health, I expanded my insurance self-advocacy guide—it uses my case as an example, but is clearer that it could apply to a wide variety of medically necessary transition treatments...

Lmk if teen wants to connect me with someone in that group and maybe I can pass it along to them?

@nicepersonality this is "trans people are not a burdan", not "protect trans kids", but 5% of the proceeds go to the aclu.

and a dollar from each purchase of this shirt goes to the trevor project?

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