I skipped over Maiden and Mother, and transitioned directly to Crone


in related news, I can’t stop staring at this 1900 illustration of Baba Yaga by Ivan Bilibin. It’s so, so good

@erinbee I KNOW, RIGHT? The subtle blues of the birch bark, the purple of her nose and chin, the red of the mushroom caps, the soft green of the moss, and then her ragged clothes which manage to be both the most ageworn AND the most vivid element in the picture.

@nicepersonality by accident I pronounced the name on American manner in my head (both stresses wrong) and I got sick

@nicepersonality Ahhh, glad to see this going around!!! Ivan Bilibin is one of my favourites and super underrated. I love how he crams his pieces with elaborate details/patterned borders within borders/elements outlined, but the composition/colours tie them all together in a really neat and seamlessly way.

@nicepersonality Slavic (and in fact European) folklore is fantastic. Disney butchered so many things.

@nicepersonality thank you for showing me Bilibin, now I'm going through all his work to find pieces to study 👍

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