Took the British-Irish dialect quiz as an outsider (it's an option) and here's where it ranked me. Seems like a reasonable guess, really.

Also how is there a bar in St. Paul that has axe throwing as an activity?

If you wanna hear some really freakin' good irish music this weekend, Eileen Ivers is in town and performing on the 9th. She's a big deal!

Told a potential client I couldn't guarantee availability after the end of January, and that they should get me some basic idea of what they needed at the beginning of January, so what do they do? Drop off the face of the earth until the end of January

Some positively ghoulish sidewalk maintenance in my neighborhood today.

wee, had a good interview today. code interviews also always make me nervous because the feeling of people watching you while working over a problem you haven't seen before is like going to the dentist

How to design a perfect captcha: it just says "69" and there's a text box with room for 4 characters.

weather for tomorrow: incredibly high chance of slip-n-fall. it is apparently drizzling (ughhhhh) and will be 20 by the morning's commute.
walk like a penguin!! ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿง ๐Ÿง

Putting this here for your convenience when dealing with certain online types.

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tfw you are shamed for the size of your order by the number of fortune cookies they pack with it

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do cis people have a place in their brain that they go to that says "yes you're that gender you present as"? asking because i feel like i keep trying to find that mental place that says yep ur a dude, dude, and it's not responding to pings

Only slightly surprised to find out that the paywall FAQ... is itself behind the paywall.

i built a couple things on it quickly, and imported some projects i'd had hosted elsewhere. i hope it's gonna be a big deal, because i love it already

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