Really wish we could just skip to the end credits for the Trump administration where it's just clips of individual people and then freeze framed with the text "$name served X years in prison"

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Just leaving this user script here if anyone wants to read Pioneer Press and is tired of disabling JS each time

just realized most of my mapping portfolio is "eat the rich", which fortunately i can spin around into "wealth disparities" when i have to talk about it this week

It wouldn't be bad if it were like, a once and a while thing, but it's literally everyone. Everyone is bad at dealing with contractors or freelancers.

freelancing sucks because the best client i have in terms of actually paying me on time only does 50% of the time at best, meaning literally everyone else has been late. The 50%er is only because i was working with someone who is v. litigious

FYI Fresh Thyme doesn't have goldfish but they do have Organic Cheese Ducks

@yeahno according to public data there's at least one speaker of Luxembourgeois in Minneapolis public schools. 😱

me comprehending various job descriptions: "you mean i could be getting paid way more to do less, and to do less better??"

Our local library has a pretty good black friday offer:

(translated from danish:)
"Borrow two books for the price of one
Twice as free"

another queer reflection in my situation in irish music, which is that i play a different type of flute than 98% of irish flutists, and basically I can tell when someone's about to say something about it. it's like when someone goes "SO your roommate…"

@t54r4n1 apparently I'm a space cadet, boarded at Raymond and didn't see you!

woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

I just discovered there's a haskell package name ChasingBottoms. I'm there for it

Anti-comp-plan guy: You guys need to tone it down, [horrible monster person] is not a bitch.

Me: "The person who came up with the bulldoze signs needs to tone it down, too..."

"well gee I don't know anything about those I just got here."

ok buddy.

Adding some new gay items to my teespring store, because urban planning made me :gay:.

Also, I just donated $20 to send pizza to people standing in line to vote someplace:

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