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Iranian electronic attacks 

My hubris in not having to fight off a bronchitis/pneumonia infection last year appears to have bitten me in the ass as I feel a chest cold coming on.

The solution: Have no physical contact with anyone ever.

Current day's activities. Occassional bouts of laundry and house cleaning, while watching a Civ VI game play itself with 8 Deity AIs.

Also, Rome is having a BAD time.

When it's time a week ahead of baking for charity and you feel a cold coming on. :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

FWIW, the flan I made for New Years was remarked on by several others as the best they had, so still riding that high into the new year.

Gonna go watch some Wrestlepalooza. Looking forward to the fact that there is no announced card for tonight, so who knows what will happen!?!

*Comes out from gaming*

So, we publicly admitted that we assassinated a major head of state of a foreign nation. That's a thing that happened. Okay.

police, carrots v sticks 

Federal corporate income tax, stripping deductions, preparing a resolution 

Oh hey, it's nearly 2 AM. Glad I just finished dissecting and brineing bits of a turkey. Let's see if it turns out to be shit in a few days!

I've botched up two batches of cookie dough today and I'm feeling lousy about it, so I'm taking a break.

Pandemic Season 1 spoilers 


HAMMOND: As the only one of us who actually *likes* trucks, I still feel I have to object.

C: What are you objecting to? It's sleek, it's flexible-

H: It can carry less than a Reliant Robin!

C: There is that, yeah.

MAY: It is safe, though.

H: You don't buy a truck to be *safe*.

M: Look, you don't want to be driving up a gravel road and have a rock -

HAMMOND leans on a window. It breaks.

C: That's safe, is it?

M: Shut up.

Things for when you need to make a side-dish, but these cookies aren't coming out the way you want them to, and you want to keep tweaking the baking part.

What if: I sold my home, and moved to a rural area with fiber-optic cable?

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