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On vacation for the next few weeks. If you burn down the system while I'm away, take pictures!

Gonna be heading over to Mustache Jim today for a hair cut. It'll be nice to get a trim before my vacation.

This time next week, I'll be in Australia, baking cookies for PAX. Looking forward to it!

Good morning folks! Going live with more of BattleTech today! Hope you can join me at

#Streaming #Gaming #BattleTech

Good morning folks, hope everyone's enjoying the brisk weather like I am.

Good morning folks! Going live with more of Guacamelee! 2 today! Hope you can join me at

#Guacamelee2 #Streaming #Gaming

Good morning folks! Continuing on with Final Fantasy III this morning. I hope you can join me at

Good morning folks! Starting Celeste today. After playing through N++, I expect a nice, relaxing platformer.

#streaming #Gaming #Celeste

TFW you toot, but forgot to put a description in that image. /facepalm

Good morning folks! Going live with more Battletech today as we escape an ambush by a much larger force. Unfortunately, they've got Light mechs, and we've got Assault mechs. I look forward to how this will go.

#Gaming #streaming #BattleTech

If 10 more people buy my game on Steam it will go over the payment threshold and I'll actually get a check from Valve. Anyone?

#gamedev #gameing

Good morning folks! Continuing through the ruins in La Mulana 2 today. Hope you can join me as I fall for more and more devious traps!

#streaming #Gaming #LaMulana2

The best part about the cooling weather is how nice it feels sleeping under three thick layers of covers.

Good morning folks! Starting off with Guacamelee! 2 today! I'm really looking forward to it since MES is on the soundtrack!

#streaming #Gaming #Guacamelee2

Tried to make a chocolate torte tonight, but my dish was not wide enough and too deep. Oh welp. Time for more practice.

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Good morning folks! I'm going live with BattleTech today, where we're going after a treasure trove of LosTech and I'm positive nothing will go wrong!

I did not get the job I was hoping for. So I will have to go back to trying to make my own path to that position.

I might take a bit of a break for myself to have an emotional release, because after being held in limbo for the past three months, I think that's okay.

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