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Hey folks, as I've struck out into the fediverse, it strikes me that I haven't redone

So, I'm Paul. The Cookie Brigade calls me Mom. I'm a java dev for my day job. In my spare time, I stream in the mornings at , I work on board game ideas, and I chase down whatever interests me at the time. Currently I'm trying to make a mead that resembles a chocolate chip cookie. We'll see how that goes.

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Can't wait for tomorrow and the newest Summertime mix tape by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie

I have a desire to watch Stranger Than Fiction again. I've only seen it once, but every once in a while, it pops back up in my head, and I think about it.

It was a really good, smart movie.

DFL primary (State SD 65 and US Rep 4) 


"Protecting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid for seniors and people with disabilities is always a priority as long as Republicans continue to threaten earned benefit programs. Finally, access to affordable, quality healthcare for all Minnesotans will require Congress to put a check on the Trump administration’s constant efforts to sabotage ObamaCare and basic healthcare protections."

Not very progressive. I can see her getting primaried.

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DFL primary (State SD 65 and US Rep 4) 

Alberder Gillespie's got a well-put together web page ( ), and is an inductee for the DFL Women's Hall of Fame (McCollum isn't). Her major issues are voting reform, criminal justice reform, education reform, and a green new deal.

By comparison, here's McCollum's priorities:

"My top priorities include using my position on the House Appropriations Committee to ensure that federal funding and policies benefit ... the East Metro."

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DFL primary (State SD 65 and US Rep 4) 

The other ones actually have two decent challengers. Sandy Pappas is running against Laverne McCartney Knighton (Area Development Director for the UNCF).

I'm currently giving Pappas the nod there, simply because Pappas has a history of going to bat for the Hmong and Somali communities, and Knighton doesn't have a lot of depth on the issues on her webpage.

McCollum's got a solid challenger in Alberder Gillespie. (more)

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DFL primary 

Looking at the candidates trying to primary Sen. Smith, and one has an ALL LIVES MATTER displayed at the top of their page. Hard NOPE.

Spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast, because time no longer has any meaning.

MN Police, 1033 gear received

MN Reformer has a list of gear that police have gotten from the military.

Personally, I'm curious if the mine resistant vehicles could be reverse engineered into farm equipment.

Good: I got about eight hours of sleep!

Bad: It went from 7 AM - 3 PM

Brain: "It's been three and a half hours of sleep. Time to wake up!"

Me: But what if I slept for just.. eight hours. In a row?

Brain: Get the fuck out with that shit. Now let's replay some of your worst personal experiences and think about what a failure you are.

Me: ... Can I get a new brain that's less shit?

SPPS, SPPD, local pol 

Please guess from the image below, which individual voted against removing the SPPD from Saint Paul Public Schools.

Music in direct Netflix shows 

I'm watching Floor is Lava, and episode 7 uses a bunch of music from Mass Effect, and I can't not notice it.

Dem VP pol 

Klobuchar self-withdrew from the VP position, and publicly suggested Biden nominate a woman of color for the position.

I need to find about 100 people in the next day to back this thing or it's going to evaporate... that's possible right? 😅

Check it out won't you? Share it around a bit for you old pal MikeT? :blobaww:

Another day, another dollar, another rapidly passing chunk of a finite lifetime, where the list of the stuff done by the generations before you turns to be blatant lies and you're left to clean up their mess.

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