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My friend: "Maybe later let’s go out to a park and set up a whole lot of tables and then flip them over one by one."
Me: "What if there was a table so big, even God couldn't flip it?"
Also Me: "My current rage level is capable of flipping five of those God-proof tables."

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Looking to replace police force with people that have worked a service desk in retail for 2+ years and have successfully not punched a Karen.

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Hey folks, as I've struck out into the fediverse, it strikes me that I haven't redone

So, I'm Paul. The Cookie Brigade calls me Mom. I'm a java dev for my day job. In my spare time, I stream in the mornings at , I work on board game ideas, and I chase down whatever interests me at the time. Currently I'm trying to make a mead that resembles a chocolate chip cookie. We'll see how that goes.

job hunt, recruiting frustration 

Get a call this morning. Recruiter says they're looking to hire for a position. Tell them the rate I'm looking for. The position is half that rate. They say they'll look for another position. Second position they send me five minutes later is 3/4ths the rate I asked for.

Come the fuck on.

admins: would you pay me on patreon/ko-fi for a monthly export of my instance's defed list?
(local users can see it when they're logged in.)
boosts are ok! replying is ok! being a replyguy is not!

food, day 3 

Heat level day 3: Preventative application of tums.

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Was not expecting when applying for my PMP they would actually want me to document my 60 months of project leadership.


Two ghost pepper in a crock-pot of stew was almost too much. I'm sweating through it, but it's edible.

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pol, Liz Cheney 

Do I want Liz Cheney in the Democratic party? Not particularly. But I do want to normalize people leaving the Republican party citing ethical concerns.


Hit the farmer's market this morning. Got some carrots, fingerling potatoes, green onions, and ghost peppers. Chopped up the carrots and potatoes, added a green onion, two ghost peppers, a can of crushed tomatoes, some frozen chicken and chicken bouillon to the crock pot. Looking forward to dinner and hoping that wasn't too many ghost peppers to add.

Also, Minnebun has the best steamed buns I have ever had, and I will miss them until next year's farmers market.

Played Spirit Island tonight, was a good time. Also got 360 total tile now. I think I'll do one more run to feel safe. then call it good on the tile.


Today in ONI, I need ten tons of steel to build the monument!

tile, basement 

Had a gift card, so I checked for the tile I was using for my basement earlier in the year. It's back in stock, and again, back on clearance. Got 12 boxes today. Gonna grab another 12 tomorrow, and 12 more later in the week.

Glad I finished cleaning out my garage. Time to fill it with shit again. XD


Sliding in to Solar Ash today on the stream. Come by and say hi!


Good morning folks! Starting off Skul: The Hero Slayer today. Come on by and say hi!

Anyway Big Bad Game-a-thon starts tomorrow. If you've been following my ramblings on the event and are interested, here's the schedule. Twitch link is in the top right.


Today in Oxygen Not Included, gonna work on making a monument!


Hey folks! Down to the last bishop in Cult of the Lamb! I'm sure it will be fine.

insomnia, covid precautions 

Tested negative yesterday. Went to bed at 10, and woke up at 1 AM completely awake. Played ONI until 6 AM. Did some store open shopping today at CostCo Business Center to stock up on stuff.

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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