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Hey folks, as I've struck out into the fediverse, it strikes me that I haven't redone

So, I'm Paul. The Cookie Brigade calls me Mom. I'm a java dev for my day job. In my spare time, I stream in the mornings at , I work on board game ideas, and I chase down whatever interests me at the time. Currently I'm trying to make a mead that resembles a chocolate chip cookie. We'll see how that goes.

I've got a pile of fresh dill I just harvested, if anyone wants some.

"Can someone ELI5 for why housing is so expensive?"

"It's like the NVidia 3000 series, but for richer assholes."

Minneapolis mayoral candidate rank shitpost 

1) Kate / Sheila
2) Kate / Sheila
3) Getting hit in the eye by a "non-lethal projectile" by the MPD.
4) Frey

Bike question 

Uncle has a bike that he's riding in the north woods and is going through tires pretty fast. Any recommendations?

It's Repentance Day! YAY! Time to unlock everything in Binding of Isaac again!

Drank 3/4 of a bottle of hot sauce to raise money for charity tonight. I have regrets.

Doin the most Minnesota family thing ever, making a betting pool for when my sister has her baby.

police lawsuits question 

How come it's always the city that has to pay for the misconduct of a police officer and not the pension fund of all of the police officers?

Nothing quite like being woken up in the middle of the night by my laptop bricking itself from a bad BIOS update pushed out by the manufacturer. Great. Just... great.

I have learned how to make thin mints, but what girl scout cookie should I tackle learning how to make next?

post-vacc supply run thoughts 

Even though the vaccine won't be fully effective until two weeks from now, I kinda like the structure that the supply runs have given my life. I might keep doing that post-pandemic.

vaccine, celebration 

Getting my second vaccine shot tomorrow, what should I get to celebrate?

So, this is for me, and YMMV, but if you're involved with something dependent upon patrons, and you reach out saying, hey times are tough right now, I could use a few extra bucks this month. I get it. No big deal.

But if you're sending a form letter asking for an extra $25 a month. I no longer think you're in need, I think you're mismanaging your finances, and am getting out.

Watched Pacific Rim: The Black. Good stuff. The Jaegers had weight to them. The characters were decent. I look forward to a second season.

immunization, chauvin and co. trial 

It occurs to me that with my next dose in under two weeks, I should be fine to join in the protests when the cops are found not guilty for murdering a man in front of a crowd of people on the street.

APPLICATIONS OPEN MONDAY, MARCH 1ST, AT 9AM PST / 12PM EST! Mark your calendars to apply for a microgrant for 1 year of free HRT

Eligibility is limited to people 18+ and is currently only available in the following states: CA, CT, DE, FL, IL, MD, NY, NC, PA (E only), TX, VA, WA.
We’ll be giving out 24 grants a quarter: March 1st we will be giving out 24 grants to the first 24 people that apply. 75% of microgrants go to BIPOC. The next application opens on June 1st.


The thing I hate most about Rep Greene, is that I think I'm gonna get some Magic: The Gathering content, and instead I get QAnon Shithead content.

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