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A fun game of Twilight Imperium. Followed by a game of Terraforming Mars. Yay gaming! Tomorrow: Cheesesteaks.

Want to feel old? 

Benefits of working from home alone. Being able to scream "fuck" as loud and angrily as you like when watching Republicans do what they can to excuse their cowardice.

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That said, Push the button is the best social deduction game I've seen in any medium because of the chances for mid-round fuckery by the traitor players.

If you want a fun way to end this day, there's gonna be a Jackbox Panel at PAX Aus that they'll stream at 11 PM CST.


So, on that note, where do people primarily go to for news? My fall back is the BBC.

Splinter News was apparently shuttered this morning. So, that's some bullshit.

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pol, Crimes 

I know Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft, Diablo and WoW are fun and all, but values only hold water when you stand by them, even if you're inconvenienced by them. So, if the actions of Activision Blizzard offend you, consider cancelling subs and uninstalling.

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I got five hours of sleep tonight.

This is a vast improvement.

Just a reminder that the best movie ever shown in a theater is still Pacific Rim.

That is all.

When you've been up since 2 AM, and are getting ready to go in to work early, and now your body is tired again.


I think, tomorrow I will stop at Cecil's for a Sasha.

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