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Looking to replace police force with people that have worked a service desk in retail for 2+ years and have successfully not punched a Karen.

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Hey folks, as I've struck out into the fediverse, it strikes me that I haven't redone

So, I'm Paul. The Cookie Brigade calls me Mom. I'm a java dev for my day job. In my spare time, I stream in the mornings at , I work on board game ideas, and I chase down whatever interests me at the time. Currently I'm trying to make a mead that resembles a chocolate chip cookie. We'll see how that goes.

Why do I remember my ICQ number with little prompting when I haven't used it in nearly two decades?

Oh hey, I should do that work thing.


Well, let me finish my webcomics first.

Activision / Blizzard | Sexual harassment | Rape 

Please, please don't spend money on these assholes. It's not just Bobby Kotick. It's assholes all the way down.

Of particular note, from page 15: "Afrasiabi was so known to engage in harassment of females that his suite was nicknamed the "Cosby Suite" after alleged rapist Bill Cosby."

Anyways, fuck that company.

Gave away a bunch of cookies today. Then realized if I want to get through all the stacks of cookies, I need to start giving it away in batches of a dozen. XD

You ever sit under the hot water of the shower and just... want to stay there until the epoch of humanity has passed?

Having the mspsocial folks pitch in with extra cookies for FF XIV is very cool, and I love all of you folks.

Making some content for PAX on Sunday where we bake a spiced cookie based off of the concept of a Red Mage from FF XIV. Gonna flavor mine with candied ginger chinks and ground clove. We’ll see how it turns out!

FF XIV current progress: 

Thaumaturge: 17
Culinarian: 39
Botanist: 47

Only 730 more batches of Acorn Cookies to go.

Anyways, time to share the best gif ever made by a government agency:

brain stuff, food stuff 

Ever have days when the lizard part of your brain clamps down and yells "INDULGE"?

Anyways, I ate a whole Costco pizza today. And was still hungry.

On the one hand, I should get up and do work. On the other hand, my bed is comfy with its multiple layers of covers.

:birdsite: link, pay for stories from trans individuals 

Boosting cause there's a lot of folks this would be appropriate for on here:

Nothing quite like waking up in the middle of the night to be violently ill 🤢💩

terrorism, murder, suicide 

Love waking up to read about some asshole driving his SUV into a crowd of people, then threatening to take his own life when arrested. Not looking forward to the escalation where they start suicide bombing.

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