accessibility vocab, please boost 

Because I don't do this often, I lack the vocabulary to describe what I'm trying to describe. I'm sending out an email to 500 some people. One entrance and parking area is for people who have mobility issues. The other entrance is much further away and for people who don't have those same issues.

Is there a way I can phrase that without sounding like a douchebag? Because I kinda feel like a douchebag.

accessibility vocab, please boost 

@paulference "The main entrance is here. We have accessibility parking at [this location] for participants needing assistance."

Not sure how good it is, but the intent is to:

1. Indicate this particular area is restricted to those with accessibility requirements

2. Imply part of the reason for this area's existence is to facilitate staff and caregivers who may need to assist particular patrons, and it'd be a real dick move to park here just because it's closer

accessibility vocab, please boost 

@paulference "Entrance A is accessible (and describe how it is accessible: via ramp, has no stairs, whatever). Entrance B (has barriers to accessibility, describe those: 8 stairs, no elevator, narrow doorway that can't accommodate wheelchairs, etc). Parking Area A is close to entrance A, but we can only accommodate X vehicles. Please consider using Parking Area B, or arriving by rideshare or transit.

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