I passed 100 miles pedaled on my indoor bike tonight. Please clap.


When someone tells me the police union is completely Democrat:


I made ribs today. This one is a dry rub of 2 parts cocoa powder, 1 part cayenne powder, and a dash of salt.

I spent the night remembering how to use a sewing machine properly, and then sewing my own mask. I think it turned out alright. Stitching looks terrible, but I expect that would get better with time. Also, instead of using the sides with an elastic band, I used the top and bottom with ribbon and velcro.

SPPS, SPPD, local pol 

Please guess from the image below, which individual voted against removing the SPPD from Saint Paul Public Schools.


Okay that bread is just dough that's rising and it smells fucking fantastic.

Anyways, this is my life now.

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breaking quarantine shitpost #2 

I was acutely aware of every time I rubbed my nose today.

breaking quarantine shitposting 

How I feel going out today is gonna end up

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That feel when you make inroads against an entrenched local political group:

DFL gripe 

The DFL is more poorly organized than my house, and if you've seen my house, you'd understand how bad that is.

pol, buttigeg, shitpost 

I looked up and saw Buttigeg, and at first I thought I saw Trevor from The Good Place.

Knives out kinda best reaction gif 

I just need a longer cut of this gif where he keeps calling other people out.


I couldn't help but be reminded of the new Bernie meme today.

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