@t54r4n1 Fun note: Currently working on a Cultist costume. Gluing feathers to a muumuu is tedious work.

@t54r4n1 Oh dang! Nicely done! You'll get it soon. For me, it helped to make it punch itself, running multiple Caltrops and Static Discharge.

Another day, another large batch of cookie dough to make.

@geese I mean, I dislike them. It always struck me as people more interested in creating their own little fiefdoms where people have to do what they say.

Farming Blueprint Frags, talking team builds in Shop Heroes, swing by and say hi! mixer.com/CookieMom

New to the 2020 Olympics, the Endurance Democracy Caucus.

Last minute prep for the St. Paul DNC convention today. So I'm taking a break to get a Sasha at Cecils.

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*Opens up new printer paper box, finds roaches* Welp. Time to burn everything.

Me, going to bed at 10 PM: This will be a good decision so I am ready for the Friday ahead of me.

Me, fully awake at 2 AM: Fuck.

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I should also take this opportunity to plug @forktogether because there are more cool people out there working to make a radically open and accessible mastodon fork.

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