@lawremipsum It may be a major transport/smuggling hub in the Shadowrun game I'm setting up.

@mtfnojutsu Nope. Hopefully it isn't a kaleidoscope migraine. Take care and feel better soon.

Today I found out the SPLC staff has decided to unionize. And in response, the SPLC executive board hired a union busting law firm. So, that's fucking disappointing.

Link to :birdsite:


Edward McMullin's games may be juvenile AF, but god-damn, that boy knows how to work a rewarding gameplay curve.

Oh hey, it's after 3 AM. Maybe I should stop playing Legend of Bum-Bo.

On the other hand, Bum-bo want even bigger coin.

My experience of getting harassed and how Mastadon dealt with it brought up some insights.

1. I joined Mastadon yesterday, a network that presents an alternative to toxic social platforms.

Rest in the pictures below 2-5.

To build a safe environment for everyone, is very important that all the users help in reporting issues.
To everyone: if you see someone else get harassed don't wait for the admins to notice on their own, just report the trolls!

Had the first slip-and-fall of the season. Happy winter!

Then I watched several collisions in traffic as people believed their trucks and SUVs were immune to ice.

Important poll

Boosts are required to get more accuracy

@lawremipsum Best of luck. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

@lawremipsum Production deploy backup while watching Desert Bus and cleaning house.

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