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Had my friends over to play Baba is You today. That game is surprisingly good as a party game.

I spent the majority if my weekend in my own little cocoon and it was good.

I can understand the spoons metaphor, but for me I've always used an analogy of a cell phone battery, with some activities being low drain, some activities being high drain, and a very small amount of activities being charging.

Shit, they lost the smartest person in the MCU. Dammit Thanos.

While doing some yardwork today, I found out the bunnies girdled one of my apple trees in the winter. So... Fucking goddammit.

Shave, license and tab renewal, and then... work. Because most of my ability to work this week was sidelined by jackassery.

Today's sprint meeting was an hour and fifteen minutes long. Why? WHY?

My roommate's car was frozen into the slush on the side of the road, so that was new.

An hour and a half later after going to bed, and my brain just won't shut the fuck up.

Caucus, resolutions 

The first line of the caucus said stuff had to be specific for city or school board, so... holding all that stuff until 2020.

It appears the tenth Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair team will be the final one. It's been a fun ride folks.

On that note, I have shoveled my slush snow, and now, I am going to sleep. Good night MSP. If you're in Saint Paul, maybe I'll see you at the Caucus/convention tomorrow.

Civ VI 

Finished a game of Civ VI with the new expansion loaded, "diplomatic" victory by 1891, powered by my army of giant death robots. I like how the new expansion added science past the typical threshhold, but it seems a lot more muted in it's benefits, same with the civics. The natural disasters were a very interesting add, but didn't appear to have a significant effect on the gameplay, just providing random events for my Civ to react to, though ice cap melting never got a chance to get going

:flag_stp: pol 

St. Paul DFL will host precinct caucuses citywide at 2:30 p.m. on 3/10. Delegates to the ward conventions will be chosen, & candidates will be endorsed at the conventions. Wards 2, 3 & 4 will host their ward conventions at 4:30 p.m. on the same date. Locations are: Ward 1, Capitol Hill Magnet School; Ward 2, Humboldt High School; Ward 3, Highland Park High School; Ward 4, Murray Middle School; Ward 5, Como High School; Ward 6, Hazel Park Prep Academy; & Ward 7, Harding High School.

Up at 3 AM because I can't sleep, so I might as well listen to the Dragon Ball Fighterz OST because Daisuke Ishiwatari knows how to make tracks that make you want to fight gods.

MSP pol, advisory board, rabble rousing 

If you can't make the meeting, reach out to your local representative and bring it up to them.

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MSP pol, advisory board, rabble rousing 

Did some talking with Keith Ellison's office on Twitter today, bringing up that the drug panel advisory board he's creating is an unpaid position, and that's pretty hard for the people most affected to take a position like that. He mentioned that it's set up like that due to state law, and was able to provide the MN statute:

So, if you can make the primary meetings coming up, feel free to bring this up at the meeting.

pol, cohen hearing 

AOC basically getting a "Who to subpoena next" list was my personal highlight of the hearing.

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