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Our mom: teaches my sister and I how to be good people, have strong core values and to defend against injustice, gives us the tools to be intelligent

Us: thanks mom

Us: use those skills to start roasting the shitty people in our extended family and dragging them for filth on the regular

Our mom: :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

When the cold causes a window to contract and all the sudden you're awake and panicking someone might be trying to break in.

marvel phase 4 shit posting (no spoilers) 

Spent the past 45 minutes not getting out of bed. Good start to the day.

Wake up at 4 AM. Throw up. Stay up. Yep, seems about right.

Got delicious, delicious feedback over the weekend on my board game. Only a few minor things to iterate, and a few typos to clean up. Thanks Protospiel Milwaukee!

Had my friends over to play Baba is You today. That game is surprisingly good as a party game.

I spent the majority if my weekend in my own little cocoon and it was good.

I can understand the spoons metaphor, but for me I've always used an analogy of a cell phone battery, with some activities being low drain, some activities being high drain, and a very small amount of activities being charging.

Shit, they lost the smartest person in the MCU. Dammit Thanos.

While doing some yardwork today, I found out the bunnies girdled one of my apple trees in the winter. So... Fucking goddammit.

Shave, license and tab renewal, and then... work. Because most of my ability to work this week was sidelined by jackassery.

So what is the word on the tater tot hot dish social?

Today's sprint meeting was an hour and fifteen minutes long. Why? WHY?

My roommate's car was frozen into the slush on the side of the road, so that was new.

An hour and a half later after going to bed, and my brain just won't shut the fuck up.

Caucus, resolutions 

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