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hi, i'm reese!

i've been on mastodon on and off for a while on different instances, and i joined this one to make connections with queer techy people in my city!

if we're going with that analogy it's like they stepped on an egg during an egg hunt.

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they removed the easter egg in firefox for android where you could cycle through wallpapers by tapping the logo on the new tab page 🫤

description: it's the phrase "owo what's this?" but the O's are the Unicode multiocular O character. it looks like an insect or something with a ton of eyes.

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i'm so sorry, screen reader users. 

ꙮwꙮ what's this?

Friendly reminder that if you're like me (and the majority) and still use Chrome, the time to switch is nigh.

- Learned today that software_reporter_tool.exe (which you can thankfully disable in chrome://settings/cleanup) scans literally every file on your computer on a regular basis and sends telemetry data to Google

- In January 2023 they're breaking all Manifest V2 apps which means existing (good) adblockers like uBlock Origin will no longer function


they should rename the search engine to duck duck gr([ae]y duck)

it's fun when i'm just running a service for friends and not, yknow, being relied upon for mission-critical infrastructure

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administering servers is fun 🙂

^ (has never done that in any sort of professional capacity)

not a fan of the way most hospitals' drinking water tastes tbh

My website I made from scratch is online now! :blobhajmlem:

I've been wanting to make a personal website for a while now, but finally got the time and a kick of inspiration from the Yesterweb Zine

money request, emigration & vet, please read 

I'm three weeks out from leaving the country, and I just got hit with a $200 vet bill, for a second exam and another set of paperwork, to bring my cat, Machendra with me. It's extremely time-sensitive.

Money is so tight until I get there, that all I can think of to even do is ask and see if you all could spare a few dollars towards this.

I can't leave him here, since the entire point of this trip is to get us both to this new place.

I'm sorry about this. You all know how long I've been planning, reworking the budget and trying to get my trans ass to safety. Two years? I just want this to work out.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Please boost for visibility. :boost_requested:​


Asahi Lina got the Linux GPU driver for ARM Macs written in Rust to start working 🚀

admins: would you pay me on patreon/ko-fi for a monthly export of my instance's defed list?
(local users can see it when they're logged in.)
boosts are ok! replying is ok! being a replyguy is not!

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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