food (baked sweets) 

i made cinnamon rolls last night and popped them in the oven this morning! they came out decent but i know i can do better 😏

now this is a good example of walkable, mixed-use urban development. let's build more of this.

does anyone have recommendations for a place to buy custom stickers that isn't amazon? an etsy store maybe?

context: i was gifted one of these "impossible" cubes where the tiles change colors depending on the viewing angle with parallax barriers. a cute gimmick but not really that fun for more than a few seconds. the mechanism itself is actually pretty nice though, which surprised me compared to my past experience with rubik's brand, so i'd like to make it usable.

phone manufacturers: bring back this form factor your cowards !!

i was wondering why his name was alice cooper and thought maybe it had something to do with wonderland. that's hilarious.


god i hate questionnaires. wtf is this even supposed to mean

spoiler alert! my monday nyt crossword results 

this was my favorite clue

amazon, cops, harry styles 

i'm sorry?? this looks so bad

just made these hempseed chocolate matcha cookies! kinda fucked up the recipe i based them on but they still taste great!

i will never understand how this is supposed to mean "toilets here". gender the last thing i want to be thinking about when i just need to piss.

graphic design trend i really really dislike: Making Some Letters Wider Than Normal Just Because.

selfie (no ec) 

costume i would've worn if i had anywhere to party

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