@gwenprime BOGO deals on fishnet fingerless gloves! everything must go!!

Like here’s what you do. You make an account called “little worm guy” where you just post scans of old scientific diagrams. Once you have 500 followers you start photoshopping grinning little faces into them. At no point should you ever mention your products or services

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joke abt drugs and unix 

i call it chronic because i run a cron job to tell me when to smoke it

POLL: What's your gender?

@Marenzers my antinouns are she/her and he/him. everything else is cool :3

@james hackerboards.com/ has a huge searchable database of single board computers.

i already see ppl saying they dont want to use their rpis and. no. you're just making e-waste now. use it until it breaks and dont give them any more money

@earthtopus surprisingly chill. my nephew made enemies with all the cats in his vicinity when he was that age.

NY Times newsroom workers will stage a 24-hr walkout on Thursday, Dec 8th.

Please stand in solidarity by participating in a one-day "no NYT" digital walkout Dec 8th.

This means not engaging w/any NYT platforms on Dec 8th, not logging in, and not purchasing, clicking, or reading content.

Including but not limited to:

-Website + any links from it
-All sections of the NYT
-Wordle, Crossword, Spelling Bee & any NYT online games
-Wirecutter, The Athletic

Just one day. Support NYT workers.

Raspberry Pi proudly announcing they hired a cop and they used Pis to do cop things suddenly makes sense upon realising they're in the UK.
We have a lot of people who just love the taste of boot. Culturally it's largely agreed boot is delicious. Practically a national dish.

A good lot of people think all cops are all bent. But policing? Love it. Being proud you hired a cop? Normal.

megalodon, a fork of the "official" mastodon app, has been surprisingly pleasant to use. i recommend it!

spilled coffee all over myself while drinking it on-the-go today. how's your morning?

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