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Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

the data is definitely interesting to look at though, and i'm sure it can be useful.

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well... installing manjaro plasma as the starting point for ricing was probably not the best move. i understand it far less than gnome and so far its programs seem to play a lot less nicely with a different WM (i3 in my case).

am i using flatpak wrong? why are most of them not showing up in my application launcher?

Thinking about tommy tucker, the celebrity squirrel from the 1940s who loved to wear dresses

Bathroom safety, technology
This is a thing that exists and could be helpful for folks. It should be better the more folks know about and use it so here take it.

Extra context:

because brand new e-trikes are quite pricey i think what i'll do is find a regular trike secondhand and install an e-bike conversion kit for the front wheel along with other upgrades and it'd still probably cost less.


saw this ad for a razor company that said "up to 5 comfortable shaves" and i was like 5? that's it?

what's the semantics of "carl's jr."? is there a restaurant named carl's and this is the junior version (for kids)? or is it a matter of where the possessive goes (opposed to "carl junior's")?

America is still a slaveholding nation.
United States of America still has slaves.
The country in which you are likely reading this still employs slave labor and has people whose job it is to arrest you and turn you into an enslaved person.
The fact that it took us this long for our government to recognize the day when all Black people finally knew they had been kinda sorta made free (with a giant asterisk) shows just what this country is.
And since people in the overculture of this country did not see fit to fix that loophole, the oppressive crackdowns and increase totalitarianism in this country is about to wash up on your shores as well. Whatever can happen to someone who lives under the same laws as you will eventually get you as well if you don't fight for the people who have it the worst.
There's not much time but there is still time. Ignore the attempts to placate us with Hallmark holidays and instead fight for genuine freedom for all people. All the time.
#juneteenth #13thamendment

looking for a non-US bandage 

This bandage is absolutely the best I have found for dealing with my dad's dialysis fistula and his sensitive skin, but the only way I have of getting them in the US is via Amazon resellers. Ewww.

I would like to get a half dozen boxes of these, which are distributed in Germany, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I am looking for someone who can become our (occasional) bandage supplier. Yes, I will pay $ for this. DM me for details.


i'm spending juneteenth at a "cookout" with a bunch of white people. /s

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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