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"conked out" is a great turn of phrase. we need to use it more.

In honor of the queens funeral here is katie tossing out a cold brew at buckingham palace

❌ mall of america
❌ memorandum of agreement
✅ ministry of agriculture

hannah furry art 

annnd done! This was inevitable from the moment I went as mrs brisby for Halloween last year

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drugs ++ 

coffee and weed is such a fun combo lmao. i feel so hyper and aloof :P

the html encoded character ` ` is short for "non-binary space"

I like my Plattan 2 headphones but they are breaking down again D:
Any recommendations for on-ear bluetooth headphones that last longer than 2 years?

#urbansketching I've been drawing almost everyday for a week now! or actually every day? this is at a community garden in Berlin under a nice huge roof made of canvas, you can see it, the wooden platform underneath, my camping stove, water bottles, coffee cups and bike pannier, and a view looking out at the gardens.
#sketchbook #watercolors #drawing

one of my favorite genres of youtube video is "burly guy carving wood with an angle grinder"

Riot Fest? No thanks, I’m going to Quiet Rest

we've been working on a communal matrix bot that does cute (potentially helpful?) things, like rolling XdY dice or telling you it doesn't know the weather because it's just a cat :3

today i worked on adding a script for passing user input to cowsay with a cat ascii art extension, then figured out how to use the API to wrap it in a code block (because it's not as simple as just adding the markdown backticks for some reason).

A Blind Muslim woman needs help with the costs of emergency vet care for her guide horse

I remember learning about Callie and Mona Ramouni years and years ago, and I forgot that of course they'd likely still be a team! I hope the pony recovers and they will still will be


Please help me keep my dog! :sharesloved:

My dog has specific problems that make it hard/impossible to work & leave the house. A trainer will give me a bunch of free 1-on-1 sessions (fuckin amazing!) and I pay for their monthly group thing.

I need to be getting at least $25/month but more means more time I can dedicate to training!

Every tiny bit helps!!
- (monthly)
- (monthly or 1time)
- venmo or cashapp: aldercone (1time)

(photo w/ dog ec)

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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