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New video!

I'm not telling folks to spin up their own Mastodon instance. Here's why. :)

Link is via YouTube- the Peertube upload is going slower than usual (ha!), but it is coming.

didn't think I'd see defederate mean literally removing US federal agents

IMPORTANT NEWS: my cat is using a clean pair of socks as a pillow for her tiny face

I could not let my first #Caturday on the Fediverse go by without contributing to #CatsofMastodon. I do not have cats right now, but this is an old photo of Nate.

Please provide #ALT text of the photos of your lovely cats so that blind and visually-impaired folks can appreciate and love them too!

mastodon meta(phors) 

😒✋ admins are landlords

😏👉 domain registrars and hosting companies are landlords, admins are renters, users are the thousands of rats and bugs that live in the apartment's walls

linux usability shit 

ugh, i forgot to back up my touchpad input config. it's such a pain to go through that process again.

physical health 

ow ow ow. woke up with a terrible headache because i am not good at regulating my body temperature in my sleep.

shin godzilla posting 

yknow another thing that is great about shin Godzilla
is the shots of the military folks on computers doing bullshit support stuff with printers and laptops and folding tables
like. they're just guys wearing outfits. they're not superheroes. they're middle management ass dudes


instance called "ad infinitum" and it's all just sponsored posts

TDoR, thread of ideas for safety and equity (plenty of tips for allies/folks with power), boosts and additions welcome 

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance.

To the best of my knowledge, none of my trans friends died this year. This is a good year. I hope everybody's year can be like mine, and I hope that all of my years will be like this one.

If you'd like to try to help this happen (and are in a position where you can safely do these things/they feel relevant to you), maybe consider some of the following ideas...

Fediverse really is the killer app of gTLD. Suddenly all sorts of interesting domain names can be put into actual use, and better, everyone can see them everyday.

Match me an instance:

- non-white
- queer
- organizer/activism
- freelance writer
- fighting the right wing
- very low tolerance for oppressive BS

Do you like your instance? Is it well-moderated?

I appreciate all good-faith recommendations!

#TwitterMigrate #Instances #BIPOC #queer

Mass Shooting At Drag Show 

A drag show in a gay bar was attacked last night in Colorado, US. Five people were murdered and eighteen were injured.

I have no words. This is horrifying.

terf. trebucheted. pleroman. disposed of. streamer celebrity. silenced.

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*looks at a post* did a cop write this? get the hell outta here

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early 2010s internet hell 

like, the animosity that was generated toward it, not the face itself

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early 2010s internet hell 

remember duckface

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