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women's shoe companies make sizes i can wear challenge 2019

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taking estrogen pills so i can tear up while talking about friendship... i have finally become the shounen anime protagonist i wanted to be

I came into work and was cute for several hours, but they expect me to stay for longer??? What is the DEAL with WORK

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Somehow I missed that express bus route from High School Theatre to Adult Queer.

I mean, I got here eventually, but I had to walk.

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Step One: Post cute selfies.

Step Two: Interact with cute people.

Step Three: Make every trans person on Mastodon fall in love with me.

Step Four: Human Instrumentality Project.

Step Five: Drink Orange Juice.

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best part about being trans is being able to smile at the mirror again

Tired: "realizing you're trans"
Inspired: "Say Yes to the Dress"

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A big part of my experience of transition is making it real by telling people.

So: I'm going to be Christa (she/her)

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I feel like my letter is ready to be launched, and then I get to wait for 30 or so days, probably for another denial. But at this point I have almost persuaded myself that in the end I might win?

I still have one or two appeal options available to me even if this one doesn't work, and they're external to HealthPartners...

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