Today I'm wearing a dress I really love, and love to see myself in.

Every selfie I take now is for my 17–19 year old self: we WILL have the right body. We CAN wear that dress.

I bought my first dress with my girlfriend when I was about 17. A cheap black crushed velvet number from Ragstock.

I wore it a couple of times. Once to a high school dance, maybe? And once to a college film festival at which I had entered a film.

The weekend of the film festival was within a week of my college's annual cross-dressing party, to which I did NOT wear the dress. No, I saved it.

I need for trans people to be secure and healthy because the sheer joy that secure and healthy trans people exude about being themselves is pure ambrosia.

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Sexuality, gender, dysphoria 

Sexuality, gender, "autogynephilia," gatekeeping, internalized transmisogyny 

Sexual activity, "autogynephilia" 

A buddy film with an enby and a translesbian facing the challenges of every day life with their own style, and helping those they meet learn to laugh at gender… and they might just wind up crushing the bourgeoisie in the process! 🎬

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So back when I started thinking about transition I was able to pretty clearly appreciate that I'd go from being a guy* to being a girl.

(* Presenting as, pretending to be, whatever)

What I did not appreciate was that by my sexuality *staying the same* I would go from straight guy to queer girl. And THAT difference in context around an unchanged sexuality has been profound.

Being a queer girl is wicked powerful.

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Eye contact selfie 

As a non-binary transfem in a relationship with another non-binary person I get just as uncomfortable (to put it mildly) about someone categorizing me as binary based on my appearance/gender performance as I would about someone suggesting that my partner is in a "hetero" relationship based on our respective assigned sexes at birth.

Besides simply being inaccurate, prescribing gender & categorizing relationships based on pretty much anything other than internal sense of gender is trans-hostile.

My workplace has been ramping up their webfiltering lately and now they're blocking , a site I found incredibly helpful while I was just starting to figure things out for myself. "adult material."

As always, fuck web filtering, but especially fuck filtering that blocks trans/queer resources as being "adult."

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i'm a bi enby dating a lesbian enby and that makes us in a lesbian relationship and THAT'S VALID thank's

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any other community:
girl: my dick hurts
everyone: WHAT the FUCK
69 year old man: heh let's cyber

girl: my dick hurts
everyone: big fucking mood
69 year old man: jood (jean mood)

Hormones are like the different flavor characteristics you might read about in a description of a bottle of wine, but for human experience.

I don't go see an endocrinologist, I visit my hormone sommelier.

Instead I managed to get on the calendar of a local hero who is 100% informed consent, no bullshit, who let me set the pace and timing of the steps of my transition.

Let adults transition you cowards.

I really lucked out by not stumbling into a gatekeeper in the process of getting HRT.

Well, some luck, and some caution—when I was first trying to get in to see a therapist I scheduled with a gender therapist and the scheduling system tried to reschedule me with some regular-ass therapist who would have probably done all sorts of things instead of acknowledge and treat my gender dysphoria.

If I had gotten trapped in that professional vortex I might still be trying to get HRT.

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"So how does dysphoria feel?"

"Think of it as like taking DoT damage from testosterone for like, your whole life."

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