"Are you a bad enough dude..."

Buddy, listen. I was so bad at being a dude I became a girl. I got this.

When you come out as trans, you're retconning a person who looks similar to you out of existence.

That's pretty badass.

I took a picture that captures both of these well, but I guess I've reached a point where my toplessness has ... a different meaning than it used to. So that's also cool!

I'm super excited that Asics makes women's volleyball shoes in 13!

I get cute shoes!

I ... might have taken two estradiol tonight? Or I lost one. neat!

retoot trans pride birdo and i will personally come to your house and shake your hand

Being trans or better known as “rerolling stats”

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I got my first eshakti order, and the stuff fits like a dream! I'm chuffed.

Here's a referral code (if you use it, you get $35 off and I get $25)

Use my referral code CHRISMOSENG to get a special $35 OFF on your first order with eShakti! bit.ly/2ItN6EL

fediverse: come for the decentralized twitter clone, stay for the people who helped you realize you're a girl

30 years ago when we first joined Mastodon, I posted something about how it was beautiful for the first time to see a trans community, public facing and not under attack 24/7 to able to exist on this scale. I still feel the same way today, but i'd like to add that while it feels incredibly normalising, its worth remembering almost all of us are dealing with trauma, dysphoria, and trying to open up, some good, some unproductive ways.

So just go easy on each other.
We're all still learning.

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