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Why "stelepami"? 

Star Wars name algorithm:
1st 3 letters of your last name
+ 1st 2 letters of your first name
+ 1st 3 letters of your mother's maiden* name
+ 1st 2 letters of the closest city/town to where you were born
You may remove up to one letter.

*This is how I learned it in 7th grade/1998. Use the last name of a parent, relative, or chosen family. Can be the same or different from your own last name.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

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Oh no I sat down and now I might never get up again. :doggoblob: + 🛋 = :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

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She-Ra update: Bow continues to be teh best

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château? ah yes, I know french. that means "cat water"

Of course, I've been staying awake because if I go to sleep then tomorrow comes sooner and I don't wanna do the work thing. Phooey.

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I accidentally triggered the clean cycle on my CPAP cleaner and now I can't use my CPAP for two hours while the ozone dissipates.

I guess I can't go to bed yet at *checks watch* 7:30pm in the evening. Send me strength.

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Bingley: you told Elizabeth her inferior social standing is a disgrace?

Darcy: yes

Bingley: and was this before or after the proposal

Darcy: during

Bingley: ... darcy.

Dog has been begging for dinner for an hour already and we've got another hour to go before her meal time. :uffda:

I wasted a pair of daily contacts on a super short walk today and I'm grumpy.

I've been wearing a mask while walking Izzy this week and it's just better not to wear glasses if I'm going to be going at a brisk pace because they *will* fog up.

Body discomfort (groin area) 

Yesterday on my awesome dog walk my jeans ended up chafing me pretty badly along the edge of my undies on one side. But when you're half an hour out on a walk, what can you do? You have to keep going to get home.

It was not noticeably uncomfortable today until I did a dog walk. Despite wearing boxer briefs and sweatpants, I had to cut that walk short to avoid exacerbation but we didn't get in enough exercise to brighten my mood. Heck.

Kitchen mice update 

I've ordered different live traps that are specifically designed for mice, not the more generic small pest ones that they either don't trigger or squeeze their way out of.

And apparently I need to look for more places to seal up with steel wool. Heck.

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Kitchen mice update (food mention) 

Good thing I cleaned up really well after I made my peanut butter noodles and before I took them to the other room to eat them. Those bold little mice came out and pooped all over the counter trying to find the source of the peanut butter smell.

I'm going through a lot of paper towels and disinfectant these days.

It… may be time for more drastic measures. Noooo.

I've gotten hooked on The Voice and also now I want to watch SYTYCD but I guess they don't stream old seasons and they're not doing a new one (safe choice tbh).

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bus drivers are braver than the troops :blobsalute: :transit:

She-Ra S4 ep3 

Double Trouble's pronouns are they/them?!

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I get to hop on the "men 🙄 Whyyyyy?" train without reservation now that I'm not dating any guys.

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