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I don't usually approve follow requests from accounts that haven't interacted with me. Take a little time to read some of my posts and maybe drop me a note.
I don't always follow back right away. The likelihood that I'll request to follow someone goes up over time as I get a better sense of who you are.

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Why "stelepami"? 

Star Wars name algorithm:
1st 3 letters of your last name
+ 1st 2 letters of your first name
+ 1st 3 letters of your mother's maiden* name
+ 1st 2 letters of the closest city/town to where you were born
You may remove up to one letter.

*This is how I learned it in 7th grade/1998. Use the last name of a parent, relative, or chosen family. Can be the same or different from your own last name.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

Mental illness opinion/feels 

People with healthy brains: Sometimes I feel sad and I cry.

Me: Sometimes I have a depressive episode and then I struggle to be awake or shower or talk to people or leave the house and I feel numb and I can't stand the idea of continuing this way and I lose my job. This has happened an average of once per 18 months my entire adult life. I have tried countless medications and done years of intensive therapy and it still happens.

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Mental illness opinion/feels 

People with healthy brains: Sometimes I feel nervous, but I take a deep breath and tell myself I'll be fine and then do it!

Me: Sometimes I feel anxiety and then I can't leave the house or shower or talk to anyone or go to work and I lose my job. This has happened an average of once per 18 months my entire adult life. I've tried countless medications and done years of intensive therapy and it still happens.

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I would have made a pretty good continuity editor 

I notice things like when a coffee cup is magically picked up from one shot to another or when a woman wraps herself in the top sheet after sex and takes it off the bed with her but then there's still a top sheet on the bed the dude is lying in.

Which leads me to ask: Why do these TV people have double top sheets on their beds? Where did they buy those bedding set?

Silly TV show fire, about which I am skeptical 

Oh no, there is fire everywhere!

Hey, this emergency door won't open! Oh noes! (erm, those systems release the doors during a fire, that's why they started the fire in the first place…)

A dropped my key card! Must go back to get it! *key card opens door* (ummm, that much fire and I'm guessing the electronics and card reader network are down?)

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Fictional/dreamed sexual assault 

Attempted rape on TV show reminded me that I dreamed about being raped last night or the night before.

I've never been assaulted and I still have those dreams of utter powerlessness and terror.

TV show person: These doors will only unlock if they lift the lockdown or there's a fire!
Other person: Where's something to start a fire?

Me: You might have wanted to frame that shot so it didn't have a friggin' fire alarm pull box on the wall in the background. :blobfacepalm:

Them: *light things on fire, make an accidental explosion*

Wearing a bra again only reminds me how good it feels to take it off.

Bipolar celebrity 

I did not know until today that LeVar Burton is bipolar.

I'm way behind on his podcast, so this was episode 65.

If famous people with bipolar can be successful, maybe I can manage my own modest ambitions?

Finger nail length opinion 

I trimmed my finger nails! This is the optimal length for nails, imo. A pocket knife is better for opening stuff anyway and this way they don't get grubby.

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minor food owie 

These clementines are hard to peel and I got citrus juice under my fingernail and it stings. Also I need to trim my fingernails because I can't stand having a free edge, I prefer to trim as close to the nail plate as possible so I shouldn't even be able to peel an orange with my fingernails, I should have to use a tool and thus not make owies.

(Yes, I did just look up the parts of a fingernail.)

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Day 360* of isolation: I mistake my Great Dane for a cat when I see her out of the corner of my eye.

*I have spent time with other people since then! I don't know how I would have survived otherwise.

a joke (but also binge eating disorder) 

I keep running out of chocolate! (Because I keep eating it all.)

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Awhile back we had a discussion here about classical music in classic cartoons and I know it's :birdsite: but drop what you're doing and go play every video in this thread:

Someone doggo isn't sure about is in the building this afternoon. It's either a friend of Upstairs Guy or new tenants and Izzy is making her disapproval known. Loudly.

Or maybe she's just manipulating me into sitting down and letting her sit on me to calm her down. I would not put this past her.

New adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small 


+ Yes, it is absolutely gorgeous! High production value and views of the Dales.

+ James has a Scottish accent

If I had only read the books I probably would have enjoyed it better.

But. It's like they simultaneously tried to make the characters more nuanced (hiding Siegfried's kind nature much deeper) and more obvious (James' outburst).

Don't get me started on Mrs Hall.

I'm not sticking around to meet their Tristan.

RIP Robert Hardy

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On dit que les murs ont des oreilles, mais n'oubliez pas que les tiroirs ont des yeux.

(Elle l'a ouvert toute seule)


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