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The feeling of wanting to update pinned intro posts but also not having the spoons goes along with the feeling of wanting to make new friends with cool people but not wanting to flood my brain with new stuff all at once.

My approach right now is to mostly leave things the way they are and gradually get to know new folks via public posts or interactions with mutuals before making or accepting follow requests.

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I'm Stel when I'm online. I use she/her pronouns for myself but it's cool if you use they/them for me.

St Paulite who has lived in and loved Minneapolis but is back on this side of the river.

I want to do all of the things but rarely have the energy to do any of them.

Note: I am kind of bitter about being unable to make my software dev career work so if you post a lot of techspeak, I may mute you for a bit. Nothing personal, I just don't want to see reminders of that all the time.

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Got some Izzy love last night.

(bonus: chair cover is plaid flannel, lap blanket is a different plaid flannel, my vest is a different plaid flannel)

Eye contact and a really big dog

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I don't usually approve follow requests from accounts that haven't interacted with me. Take a little time to read some of my posts and maybe drop me a note. I never approve requests from accounts without bios and/or intro posts.

I don't always follow back right away. The likelihood that I'll request to follow someone goes up over time as I get a better sense of who you are.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

Following a suggestion from @rooster : Trans people are good and more out and visible trans people is good for society.

It benefits all of society to have more out trans people! Both in the media and as we go through our daily lives, more trans representation makes the world a better place for everyone.

I see you and I love you and I love to see you. :blobcattransheart:

I went to work this afternoon. I get to sleep for a week now, right?

Nope. Gotta work all day tomorrow. Heck.

this image is like 3 years old but its only become more relevant somehow

Dental pain 

The sharp, reactive nerve pain is gone but my mouth was mangled yesterday while they worked on it and it's super sore now as a dull, constant ache.

Can I offer you an extraterrestrial visitor in this trying time?

(pet ec)

Nope. Not volunteering to go in early because someone (on my assigned team) is calling for a sub. Going for second snooze and then doing my day as usual.

Tomorrow's wordle answer is UNION, and the spelling bee pangram is SOLIDARITY.

Don't cross the picket line.

Next step: Actually find the missing cable so I can set up my ancient monitor instead of depending solely on the portable USB-C display I got a couple of jobs ago so I wouldn't be confined to a single screen when using my laptop away from my desk for extended periods.

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Ha, actually on a computer for the first time in a long time (vs phone/tablet) and hitting that "opt-out-of-RSS" preference that we've got now. Wheee!!

(Also, it's been maybe two months since I moved here and I'm just now setting up my computer, which I know is inconceivable to many of you but hey, I wrassle dogs for a living now, I don't spend my time writing code anymore!)

I am one of billions of humans on a planet with millions of species, orbiting one star out of the billions within just one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies in our known universe. Within me are trillions of times more atoms than there are galaxies in the universe - a world of complexity and possibility.

Perhaps the universe is more than capable of accommodating the existence, exploration, and joy of #queer and #bipoc folks alongside everyone and everything else.

#science #blackmastodon

Izzy surprised herself by the noise of her wagging tail whapping into a paper bag.

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