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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

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Oh no I sat down and now I might never get up again. :doggoblob: + ๐Ÿ›‹ = :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

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The perennial toot.
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:oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

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I need to dig out my bike helmet so that tomorrow I can :niceride: it home from work. I don't feel happy riding without a helmet along Portland, even with the stripes.

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hey humans if you have binders you don't use anymore, you can send them here for rehoming:

looks like they're out of stock of used binders so it'll be good to buff their inventory!

(i just unearthed a couple that are gently-worn and they just didn't suit me so i'm shipping 'em over)

#ftm #trans #transmasc

Just remembered that my high school English teacher didn't get that when Melville described Ahab walking the deck in Moby Dick as a "pedestrian feat" it was probably a pun and not just "a commonplace occurrence" as she insisted ("pedestrian" as "common" was a vocab word with this example).

"But now it's past my bedtime" is the subtitle of my memoir.

Proud of myself for keeping the phone date with my friend I haven't talked to in a year but now it's past my bedtime.

This afternoon I lost the game where I believed the bus stop sign and waited for a bus that repear lied about when it was coming and thus passed by several which would have actually got me home earlier after all.

In conclusion, I really need a bike.

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people work too much. they should rest more and also play more, mew. :netkitty:

My library has stopped sending me emails about items ready for pickup and returned items.

I just found out that the returned books robot didn't pick up one of the books I dropped off last week. So now I have to sort that out.

And I won't be able to get to the library in time to pick up my hold before I lose it to the next person in line.

I forced myself to take a shower and wash my hair instead of going to bed at 8:30 because we all know I wasn't going to get up early enough to do it in the morning.

- a Stelepami story

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all queer people deserve to take a nap 2019

We are having so much of A Weather that my phone is making concerned noises at me!

We are having A Weather here! It is fun because I got soaked with driving rain on my way back from work but now I am at home and have dry clothes and I can just listen to the rain bringing cool weather and gentle thunder rumbles.

The dog isn't thrilled, but that's because she doesn't want to walk in the wet. Luckily, she's not bothered by the thunder.

I've been riding past the signs for the Basilica Block Party twice a day on my bus commute and smiling to myself when I see Semisonic on there cuz I liked them in high school and put a couple of their songs onto theater scene shop mixes in college.

It wasn't until this afternoon when I figured what Spotify is for by listening to someone's Pop & Country Bad Ass Women playlist that I know and like Kacey Musgraves.

Welp. Now I know that I should have gotten tickets, I guess. :shrug:

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Good morning, I've thought about it and the best part about Winnie the Pooh is that even though Eeyore is basically depressed he still gets invited to all of the things with his friends, and they never expect him to pretend to feel happy or force him to change, they just love him anyways and never leave him behind. And I think that's neat.

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patches are just challenge coins for non-fascists send toot

The religious youths are everywhere. I didn't get a picture until it was a bit far away, but this was amusing: The leader of one of the groups was carrying a large, inflatable rubber ducky on a pole. She was Mama Duck and all of the youths are supposed to follow her.

I woke up thinking it was Saturday after having a dream about Ex. So that's how well my morning is going. And it isn't quite 6 yet.

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