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I don't usually approve follow requests from accounts that haven't interacted with me. Take a little time to read some of my posts and maybe drop me a note.
I don't always follow back right away. The likelihood that I'll request to follow someone goes up over time as I get a better sense of who you are.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

I was going to take a shower but I somehow ended up horizontal on my bed and then the dog climbed up to cuddle. Oops.

what the end of lockdown/pandemic is like for chronically ill and disabled people 

"It was difficult to watch able-bodied people experience a small taste of what a chronically ill life is like and judge it as pointless, boring, and not worth living. Life never goes ‘back to normal’ for us and while I don’t expect able-bodied people to always understand that, some level of compassion and sympathy would be nice."

Good morning, I slept through my "get up" and alarm and refused to get up for Izzy's breakfast until 8am.

I needed some good sleep and I got it! (other than some annoying dreams about going to high school again)

US tax day 

I saw something that reminded me that the adjusted tax due date is tomorrow. I didn't get mine done by April 15 but they've been done for a couple of weeks and I've already gotten my state and federal refunds back. (Not my state renters' refund yet.)

Feeling mighty smug right now because FOR ONCE I did a thing before the last minute!!

seen on a sweatshirt:

"Buying Yarn and Using Yarn are two separate hobbies"

:ball_of_yarn:​ true story

I used to be very prim and a bit prudish when I was much younger.

That has changed.

Petition to start calling the cheater "homewrecker" and not the person they cheated with.

computer science: the professional study of getting into a fight with an inanimate object and losing

Discord being ableist again 

In the release notes about their "new look" they again show their ableist attitude:

"Guess you can say we're growing up a bit. Which is lame for a brand to say."

do not trample to pieces
now in bloom

Oh no, I got back home and sat down and the dog immediately claimed her rightful place across my lap, which she has been doing without for the majority of the past two days. I guess I'm stuck here now since it would be unfair to disturb her after her patience in dealing with the unaccustomed scarcity of cuddles.

Ugh. I should have gone back home last night instead of deciding to stay an extra night with my parents.

I didn't bring my CPAP because I was only planning to be here one night and I had my oral appliance for sleep apnea (which doesn't fit well anymore after I've had some dental work done but is better than nothing).

But I broke the appliance from grinding my teeth too hard so last night I didn't have anything and I slept very poorly.

Today's gender is the smell of someone else doing the laundry.

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