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Either way I should probably drink more tea.*

*I have a lot of British heritage so more tea is my automatic response to everything.

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Oh no I need to move but doggo is curled up next to me/on me and snoring. :doggoblob: :oh_no_bubble:

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Doggo and I are doing a snuggle on the couch so I can't leave her alone to go to bed. (Plus if I go to sleep then it will be morning and I'll have to deal with that.)

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I think all of you need this photo of Ertha Kitt cuddling kittens right now.

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I have captions on by default on YouTube because when I watch my class videos it helps me remember what I'm going taught in lecture videos... Watch this with the captions on hahahahaha

h/t @InspectorCaracal

#Muppets #Funny #Humor #YouTube

Happily, my improvised legwarmers I'm seems to be magically fitting perfectly. I even like the decreases I've guessed on so far. (I did no searching or calculating for this project, just cast on pretty much arbitrarily.) :knitting:

Free* idea for a name for a tea-and-yarn shop: Brew for Ewe

*If you use this I'm entitled to free tea. Don't worry, I will buy enough yarn to make up for it.

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I doubled the amount of tea I normally use and thus have achieved a decent pot of decaf. :blobtea:

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feminine trans men: VALID
masculine trans women: VALID
nb people with gendered presentation: VALID

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Im gonna interrupt your timeline with this:

His name is Azuki and he has an instagram
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This site hearkens back to an earlier time when one could visit a Web Page at a silly domain, have oneself a hearty chuckle, and loudly declare "This wins the internet for today!"

(CW silly food jokes)

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Same #sunrise, taken with the same setting as the previous post, just a few minutes later. The increase in brightness is quite noticeable.
#photography #nofilter #noprocessing #mastoart

8:40pm is a fine time to go to bed. I only napped for an hour this afternoon.

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Fuck, they're having tea and it's too late for me to have any.

(My perpetual problem with watching Brit TV.)

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