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Why "stelepami"? 

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

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Oh no I sat down and now I might never get up again. :doggoblob: + 🛋 = :oh_no: :oh_no_bubble:

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Once more for the folks in back:

your productivity ≠ your value

Netflix Spinning Out, bipolar, capitalism, houselessness, sucidality 

Netflix Spinning Out, bipolar, capitalism, houselessness 

Netflix Spinning Out, bipolar, capitalism 

ok i posted this on my alt lmao but i thought i should post it here too....

i’m looking for a (preferably) native welsh speaker to help me translate a line in a script for my comic. i can’t pay this time around, but i can offer a little piece of art or something in exchange.

this has the potential to be a reoccurring thing in which i will pay you for your time, as one of my characters is welsh and i may need future assistance bc i don’t want to rely on translators.

thank u! :boost_ok: 🖤

There are no unskilled workers only unvalued workers

Pet peeve: When TV shows people writing with fountain pens and the foley artist has put in scratching noises.

When I write with my pens, they glide and the liquid ink flows; it is the smooth, light touch which appeals to me. If I pressed hard enough to make scratching noises I would ruin the nibs and make large splotches.

Asking for help with phone, internet, and transportation 

asking for help, $ 

Pet death of previous pet 

Are there too many #cats on your timeline?

And then went back to watch 9 to 5, which I saw once at a sleepover in 6-8th grade?
Grace and Frankie are the same characters as Judy and Violet, just 40 years older. I hope they do actually do make the movie sequel with Dolly Parton.

I waited four days after the sixth season of Grace and Frankie came out before I started watching it so anyone who says I don't have any self-restraint can go jump in a lake!

I've now been to the eyeglasses store so many times trying to get stuff sorted that when the employee answers the phone I recognize their name and identify myself as the person with the purple hair and they go "oh, yes, I remember you!"

Replacements for the replacement lenses for my purple frames have now been ordered!

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