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Got some Izzy love last night.

(bonus: chair cover is plaid flannel, lap blanket is a different plaid flannel, my vest is a different plaid flannel)

Eye contact and a really big dog

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I try to CW my talk about politics, my posts about (the early stages of recovery from) my eating disorder, and anything else heavy about mental illness, weight or body shape, or exercise. I appreciate it when other folks do the same. If you need a CW from me, please ask!

I try to do media descriptions and usually only boost posts without them if there's a reply post with a description; I'll write one if I have spoons.

My dog is named Izzy and I love her so very much. She's a black Great Dane.

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I'm Stel when I'm online. I use she/her pronouns for myself but it's cool if you use they/them for me.

I live in St. Paul, which is the capitol city of the state of Minnesota in the US. Along with Minneapolis (which is just the other side of the Mississippi River) St. Paul is one of the Twin Cities that make up the core of the largest metro area in the state.

I'm perpetually unemployed; my brain doesn't cooperate with full-time software development but I've been trying to force it to.

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I don't usually approve follow requests from accounts that haven't interacted with me. Take a little time to read some of my posts and maybe drop me a note. I never approve requests from accounts without bios and/or intro posts.

I don't always follow back right away. The likelihood that I'll request to follow someone goes up over time as I get a better sense of who you are.

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Procraftination: Engaging in hobby crafts as a form of procrastination.

Today's gender is a sizable outraged turtle.

Covid poll (not pol), boost for viz 

As of January 20th 2022 have you:

The water supply tubing going into the fridge now needs to be replaced/ have the connector repaired so I no longer have a downstairs water source at the new place. This makes tea less accessible. Boo.

These pieces mark the last of the rainbow abstracts that I did back in the day. Experimentations with abstraction continued, but I began to be a little more selective with my color choices after that.
#JordanLynnGribbleArt #Art #MastoArt #CreativeToots #OilPastel #Pastel #AbstractArt

All-birb adventuring party

Owl (mage, weirdo)
Kea (bard, party animal)
Cassowary (tank, team mom)
Crow (lockpicks, goth)
Woodpecker (swashbuckler, rake)
Vulture (cleric, mendicant)

House reno 

Maybe I'll be in by May. Or June?

Guy's going to call my uncle this evening. He kept saying that he couldn't do a good estimate until he got in and saw what was there.

It's an 1885 house with a mix of plaster and sheet rock and the plaster has completely fallen off some places and it's just a mess.

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House reno 

The guy who my uncle's trying to get to work on the walls keeps saying that it's "overwhelming" and sometimes adds "jeepers" and I'm just trying not to cry.

Dog conned me into buying her a chew treat by nosing at the display by the checkout while I was paying for her nail trim. I figure if she slobbered on it, I had better buy it. I wonder how many treats they sell that way.

always remember that being able bodied is a temporary state of being. able bodied people better start caring about the disabled quickly because you'll be one of us soon enough be it by illness, injury, or age 🤷‍♀️

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The gender of the day is a sensitive siren on a cruise ship.

banjo levels are 27% and rising

(27%) ■■□□□□□□□□

I forgot about my tea, but it's OK because it was herbal so it's just extra strong but not bitter.

Tonight during our game Izzy serenaded the party with her snores. Yes, she snores loudly enough that my tablet mic picked it up and the other players could hear her.

:doggoblob: 💤

@xpil Image description:

A Venn diagram of "Cat" and "Inkjet Printer" where the overlapping section is filled with:

Spend a lot of time self-cleaning
Demand feeding with container is full
Ignore requests

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