OK, so we have Mastodon to replace :birdsite:. What do folks use to replace the groups/event-planning of FB?

Bonus follow-up: What's your favorite photo-sharing platform? Why?

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@stelepami theres a couple activity pub platforms for photo sharing being built currently, i was gonna say I think’s the only one with open registration but their sites down at the moment so i cant check

@stelepami steem is promising for public stuff. private stuff? nothing really is working right imho

@mithriltabby @stelepami #MeWe has a better chance than #Minds, though both are kind of overrun by bigoted conspiracy theorists.

I’ve had to block so many people on both that I’ve been basically unable to put down any roots (which is unfortunate bc the platforms are great! they’re just filled with ppl who think FB is too minority friendly)

I still have MeWe installed for the messaging capability, which is super feature-rich. I may try again in several months.

@stelepami cryin cause you have nobody to hang out with in your area LOL

but yee i've never used facebook but would love to find somewhere to get groups together :'v

@stelepami I'd say it's something like Friendica or Hubzilla for now.
There were some works to add Facebook-like front-end to Pleroma and there are some projects based on the same tech as Masto but they're not ready yet in any sense

@stelepami I have two discord servers for keeping up with friends instead of groupchatting on FB

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