Here we have two specimens of the Common Yard Moose settling in for the night.

A neighborhood resident told us that the calf was born four days ago.

A reminder: Moose are big, SCARY animals, especially a mama with her young. This pair were settled down and we were in a car. I zoomed in a little so weren't quite as close as it looked like. Mama was alert and paying attention to us and other passers-by and would have protected her calf without hesitation if she felt we posed a threat.

A charging moose could easily kill a person on foot or bicycle. Don't challenge them, even in a car.

If that is the size of a moose, how big are your cats?

[Old Scottish joke.]

@stelepami That is one chill moose. I hardly ever see them in town.

@gemlog This is the outskirts of Anchorage, where they are fairly often found wandering about.

@stelepami Ah, Anchorage - Hi 'Neighbour'! :-)
I thought it was in a residential neighbourhood.
Still, I can't recall one ever basking on a lawn with a calf.

@stelepami So, uh, does your home insurance cover hotel rental while a moose has taken over your yard?

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