My parents' girl kitty likes to play fetch. She finds a toy, then brings it over. Sometimes she drops it on the ground and sometimes you put your hand right under her mouth and she gives it directly to you.

Then you throw, then she chases. Sometimes if you don't notice she's waiting, she makes a little chirp to get your attention.

@stelepami my previous cat Merlyn did this. Was so funny and so much fun.

Your friends cat is gorgeous. And sitting so neatly with her tail, hoping you'll notice. Love her

@stelepami my dad’s cat does exactly the same thing and it’s so cute. He’s so taken with the little guy.

@stelepami Aaawww! My tomcat looks a lot like her and well, he also behaves like her 😻
I think it so cute when he retrieves his toys. Cats are great!

@stelepami I had a cat that would do that...
But only with soda bottle caps, and only in a specific hallway. If you were in the other room he'd bring the cap to the door way, drop it, and meow.

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