It's amazing how easy it is to retrain yourself from saying "guys" to "folks" in situations where gender isn't relevant.

Anyone who says that they use "guys" to mean everyone should just try it. I promise it won't hurt.

@stelepami "hey everybody!" or "thanks everyone!" work fine too, if you think "folks" sounds corny or whatever!

@welshpixie @Pixley @stelepami using "hey party people!" is good for special occasions

@schrodingers_cat As a northern midwesterner I feel like I can't pull it off most of the time, but it's a nifty option for those who can!

@stelepami @schrodingers_cat I use "y'all" too. I'm not a native speaker so all expressions are equally foreign anyway. :blobcathappy:
In Icelandic, the "proper" way to greet a mixed group is sæl, funnily enough (the feminine form of the word.)

@stelepami I'm not a native speaker, and till now I've always thought, that "guys" used in plural to address a group of people is in fact gender-neutral. I guess I was wrong... :/

@clayogra Some people will tell you it is. And I know I've used it even to speak to women's groups. But it does bother some people so it's best to avoid it. @stelepami

@bright_helpings @clayogra Avoiding the use of "guys" in such circumstances doesn't hurt anyone and it may make some people feel more included, so I figure why not use an alternative?

It might be kind of a nuanced thing for non-native English speakers? I know some French but I have no idea how to speak it in a gender-inclusive manner.

@stelepami "gang" is an even easier replacement. "Hey gang. What's the gang up to today?"

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