@stelepami sometimes in my Fortress of Privilege I think I have _too many_ pockets for someone living in a decade other than the 1990s.

I also think we need women trousers with pockets too. Many are made without them!

@stelepami My friend has actually taken to going through all their skirts and dresses and such and *adding* pockets themselves with their sewing machine. As many and as big as they want.

@stelepami i've seen skirts with side pockets like jeans have, so you can put your hands in them, and they're excellent! what I'd really like for some skirt styles (like pleated skirts) is pockets on the inside, attached to the liner, so they're like covert secret pockets. 😁

@stelepami Half of my skirt and dress collection has pockets!

For some reason thrift store finds seem to have way more of them, in my very limited experience.

Or maybe it's the practical styles I tend to choose more often? 🤔

@stelepami would go well with tops that have full length arms and body (instead of one or the other or both being cropped)

@stelepami pockets in everything!
Useful pockets; not shallow ones that can barely fit a single coin.

@stelepami And not like tiny ones but pockets that actually fit for your phone or sth

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