@stelepami Yes. :blobcatfingerguns: (desperately starts googling to find a favorite. )

@stelepami sadly it appears there are none in the state, but i do get very tempted to rent a sauna now and again.

@britvulcan hmm. I find saunas can quickly go from "this is awesome relaxy muscle time" to "nope, breathing is feeling scary now"

I did like the old downtown Mpls YMCA because they had saunas in the different locker rooms so I could just lie in a towel or two to loosen my muscles after class and then the showered were right there. There's only one sauna in the new building and they want you to wear *clothes* which defeats the purpose when it comes to relaxing.

@stelepami .... wearing clothes in sauna is silly. towel, fine if we have to but clothes no.

my family is from the UP, so i learned the traditional heat soak for 10-20 mins and then cool off for 20 mins repeat 4-5 times kinda thing.

@britvulcan my brother-in-law built a sauna in their backyard shed so when I was visiting my sister two years ago I was able to enjoy a couple of cycles with a nice place to hang out during the cooling times but I often have a "nope, breathing is hard, I'm out" moment during the first or second heat cycle. I am not great with heat.

Gosh my muscles feel awesome after, though. That was my favorite at the old Y: do BodyPump class, ~10 minutes sauna, then cool shower.

@stelepami I love many of the powered the apocalypse games, and well
..swords and lesbians

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