Some action ideas for today and every day:

* Donate directly to native, indigenous, or first people.

* Find groups where you live to help with money or volunteer time.

* Sign the petition/donate money to stop Endbridge's pipeline 3 project which violates the rights of native people in the northern part of Minnesota and threatens the environment there:

* Donate to the The Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center:

@stelepami thanks for the post, I've signed like all their petitions but hadn't signed one for biden yet.
my personal hobby horse around this is the divesting from the banks involved -
few years back I closed my 15 year wells Fargo account, and I'm glad to see my credit Union not on the list here.

@t54r4n1 I was trying to think of things I can actually do instead of simply feeling icky about today. I don't have money to donate right now, but I can signal boost.

I love my credit union (also not on that list).

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