Veggies are in the dirt and hopefully the bunnies will not eat them. May need to do something more to keep squirrels out but not today.

Probably some of them are too close together but I did NOT have the energy to keep clearing the garden bed and they needed to get in the ground TODAY. I'm only using maybe a third of the space but ya do what ya can.

I may end up skipping the friend's birthday thing in order to be showered and ready for the other thing. Why did I sign up for two things today??

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Oh, hey, my phone did manage to take a picture before the battery died!

Here are the plants I listed in the previous post. Again, all for $39. Wow.

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:welp: This fine old maple has moved on with the help of last night's storm. :blobsalute:

Good news: Nobody was hurt, no power lines involved, no property damage, it was growing on the boulevard so the city is responsible for cleanup.

Electricity is out but that's unrelated to our departed friend here.

(CW for picture of dying tree)

My new favorite and most piece of clothing is this jean jacket vest that I bought for one dollar from a lady who was rolling the outdoor sales rack back into her used/vintage store. I saw it and I had to have it and she said a dollar and I actually had a dollar in cash.

Now I need to look through my stuff that's been packed up for nearly a year and see if I can find my enamel pin collection and the sew-on patches that need a home.

so. damn. queer! :heart_bi: :blobcatfingerguns:

Sitting very bisexually this morning. :blobcatfingerguns: :heart_bi:

(eye contact and non-lewd photo of my lap but it kind of looks like a crotch shot, sorry)


Me: *loves the winter*
Also me: OMG, THE SUN IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!

abortion politics adjacent 

Too bad Izzy is not thrilled about gatherings of people, otherwise we could go be stylish at demonstrations or standing outside the local PP.

Not the most effective use of my time and energy but it might feel good.

Izzy wants to make sure that you're OK and if not, she wants to help you feel better.

(Very close up dog face)

These are all bookshelves we took down today but these are not all of the bookshelves we took down today.

We will put them all back up after the walls are finished.

(tired eye contact)

Here are some of my plant friends hanging out in their temporary kitchen home. Featuring a pothos propagated from a cutting gifted me by @Jennybellium and a variegated spider plant from a baby @t54r4n1 (& @lawremipsum ) gave me during . Also included are plants inherited from my late step-grandmother and some that came with the house.

I do not own any plants that I bought outright. They all came to me through other means.

Also, these are only some of the plants. There are more.

Playing around with queer style labels 

Me, this morning: I am posting online about a recent lack of femme inclinations and feeling cool about that.

Me, post-shower after walking the dog: Hey, I recently unpacked that girly sweatshirt I like. And here's a cute barrette for my hair!!

So... back to my favorite gif!

(which has some eye contact)

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Pretty much every day is flannel this time of year but I guess that only some of them are Fridays.

Wow, my hair faded quickly, given that I had it dyed a month ago as a birthday present.

eye contact selfie

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