I have to make myself go over to the new place to A) see if the baby plants made it through the hail and if yes, B) cover them up to try to save them from the cold weather tonight. Just springtime in MN things.

Home safely. I never heard the :awoo: but I did hear on the radio that the :twins: game was suspended.

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Hiding from a tornado warning in a Target: The most Minnesotan activity ever?

We are having A Weather! Pouring rain and I just heard thunder!!

I can't decide if it is mostly tiny wet snowflakes coming down out there and immediately melting on the ground or if it is tiny raindrops. I don't think it can decide, either.

The weather forecast says there's a chance of wintry mix tomorrow and I wanna cry because I already fell twice on the ice today.

"Wintry mix" is a phrase to strike fear in the hearts of Midwesterners.

Be careful out there, Twin Citians. Everything is covered with a thin layer of ice, including railings.

Doggo was scared to go back up the three stairs to get inside for her breakfast. I had to boost her up while she scrambled.

SNOW!! :ice_pride:

Maybe not as much as they originally advertised, but it's pretty and it's enough to refresh the ski trails. I'll take it!

15°F, feels like 6. Sunny. Wear your sunscreen! Fluffy snow on top of solid pack.

Very, very good perfect day to do some skiing across the country (that is contained within a golf course, which are evil but do make for nice skiing)! :ice_pride:

Baby, it's cold outside. :ice_pride:

Current temp: -13F
With wind chill: -28F

YAY! It's really cold out!

(This was when I woke up several hours ago but it still hasn't risen much.)


Weather report:

It is -6F (-21C) but the windchill makes it feel like -22F (-30C).

I have done finish-shoveling for 3 houses today.

The dog doesn't want to go outside.

The sun is shining and it is beautiful!!


The snow is super pretty and I can hear kids outside playing in it. :ice_pride:

It feels like Fall and I love it.

(Still remember to wear your sunscreen because even this cloudy day is getting up to a UV index of 6/11.)

Downpour! A little bit of thunder (which Izzy's doesn't mind)!!! Wheeeeeeee!!

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