YAY! It's really cold out!

(This was when I woke up several hours ago but it still hasn't risen much.)


Weather report:

It is -6F (-21C) but the windchill makes it feel like -22F (-30C).

I have done finish-shoveling for 3 houses today.

The dog doesn't want to go outside.

The sun is shining and it is beautiful!!


The snow is super pretty and I can hear kids outside playing in it. :ice_pride:

It feels like Fall and I love it.

(Still remember to wear your sunscreen because even this cloudy day is getting up to a UV index of 6/11.)

Downpour! A little bit of thunder (which Izzy's doesn't mind)!!! Wheeeeeeee!!

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mspsocial local timeline: Oooh! Thunder!!

(I love my geographically-focused instance.)

And now for something incredibly happy:

I am wearing socks for warmth and not just to prevent blisters. And sweatpants. And long sleeves. :blobcomfy:

It's 59°F, baby! :hamsterdance:

It's so beautifully quiet without the AC or fans running. Izzy and I are comfy and my electric bill and environmental impact are both lowered. Everybody wins.

caps shouting happy re: weather 




Yay for cool and wet this morning!

But as soon as the sun comes out it's supposed to shoot up to 80F which means it's going to be steamy and miserable. Blergh. I can't wait for fall.

It's dark and rainy and then it's going to be sunny and steamy and Izzy doesn't like walking in either of those circumstances. (neither do I tbh but I will do rainy and she won't go out in it)

Having a tornado warning party in the basement with the building dogs. As you do.

Have I mentioned yet how AMAZING the weather has been lately? Highs in the 70s is PERFECT summer weather, imo.

Permissible to have up to two weeks of 80-95 throughout July and August to enhance the joy of jumping in the lake.

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