Continued sickness 

@paulference I hope you continue to feel better. I'm glad you were able to sleep!

@sashakovich I listen to audiobooks all the time, so boredom isn't what holds me back. One issue is that I really don't have good blocking materials. I have corrugated cardboard (and towels but I can't poke a ton of holes in those cuz I need them as towels). Getting some industrial standing mats is on my list of things I'd like to do when I have an income again and have paid down my debt some. (Cheaper than official blocking mats.)

@maloki I think that sounds lovely. I can't digest much poetry at once, either so that sounds like a smart solution to me.

Another genderless insult you can use at a date gone awry 



@paulference uh oh. Best wishes for a speedy return to your desired level of mucus production.

Vaccine side-effects 

@firewally Glad to see that Nurse Kitty is keeping you under close supervision and enforcing bed rest so you'll feel better sooner.

Y'know, the thing that Google + got right was Circles. We have friends-only, unlisted, and public here (and federated or local with Hometown) but it was a bit different to be able to organize who got which subsets of posts without having to keep different accounts.

I think these socks are going to be too small. In that case I'll re-knit them. I think I'll finish up with cuffs but wait to weave in ends until after a try-on. :knitting:

@CharlesDickens I think this is the scene with the penguins' Christmas skating party?

I didn't even make enough money to push me over their threshold for benefits, so I'm less stressed about reporting it in a timely manner than perhaps I ought to be.

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@paulference I'm impressed.

I took several days working on a cover letter in a desultory fashion. Meanwhile, the job I was writing it for was taken off the employment page.

Another genderless insult you can use when you're just sort of generally mad about the state of it all 


You know, I tried to report my income from my temporary job to the county but when they disconnected me after I'd been on hold for 56 minutes I feel like they don't even want to know.

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click into the link above: Congratulations! You've found the neon orange folder after all! Sadly, it doesn't have the papers you were looking for.

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