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top hit: discover that you've misplaced the neon orange folder where you'd carefully put all the relevant paperwork

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duck duck go: how to make yourself make phone calls to the bureaucratic nightmare that is public assistance services from the county?

historical suicidal ideation 

@t54r4n1 :big_mood:

I have literally wanted to kill myself over failing to cope within this system.

@lawremipsum @FromtheAbyss Yeah. I just discovered the mute feature for whole servers, so I guess I can do that but it's not exactly, precisely what I want.

@FromtheAbyss @lawremipsum I would take it off my phone entirely (like I did my Tusky) except for D&D stuff. It doesn't seem like there's an option to log out of servers, just to leave them entirely?

"Lawns are just such a waste of time and space"

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I was out walking Izzy during yesterday's statewide :awoo: but I was thinking of all of you!

@ewankeep I had heard that. I rarely bought anything from them but I loved browsing all of the gadgets. I have a fond memory of one very, very cold winter when they were allowing dog walking in that mall and the store let me bring her through. All the clerks were enchanted and helped me keep an eye on her tail so it didn't cause any damage.

@densetsu and now it's also your fault that all of us have it stuck in our heads, too

The gender of the day is a dirty onesie covered in rainbows.

Spent the last day or two in survival mode cuddling with the dog and watching TV: Call The Midwife, Grantchester, Royal Flying Doctor Service, and then starting a re-watch of Broadchurch because PBS app featured it and I guess I'd rather feel horrified by that imaginary evil than the real-life evils of the world around me.

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Very overwhelmed by all the things but the dog is curled up against me and she's snoring so that's nice.

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