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very encouraged to see some of the accounts that i used to follow in other fora showing up here.

anbody who says the DST shift is no big deal obviously hasn't had to explain to their cats that they don't get to eat for another hour.

a shout out to the racketmn for their follow-up coverage on chris kluwe's birdbanning. an amusing read if nothing else.

tfw, you spend 50 minutes reading about bike chain lubricants and emerge $50 lighter.

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Lutefisk hotline: ya hey, what's the deal now?
Sven: Ya, we ran out of lutefisk
Lutefisk hotline: oh jeez
Sven: oh jeez

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I keep seeing people say Mastodon is nothing like Twitter. And they’re right.

Mastodon is an echo of the old internet, it’s decentralised, chaotic. What you get depends on your sysadmin. You can’t search, everything has to be shared to you by a human. Networks split apart and rejoin. What you see is your unique connection to it.

Is this good? Maybe. But for me that’s the internet I grew up with. No algorithms, no targeted adverts, just human interaction, and it was glorious.

more excited than i should admit about the updates to the subway app.


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