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a knife for all the moods, all 5 of them. :knife_lgbt: , :knife_agender: , :knife_bi: , :knife_nb: , :transknife:
i acknowledge no other moods than these 5

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real talk:
climate change is serious, and we need to take serious, large-scale action to mitigate it.
when i say :bancars: , this is shorthand. but: don't be stressing about your personal issues, *like that guardian article says*, addressing climate change is about society-wide choices. and as a society, we have chosen cars to transport us. this is not about you, or your job, or your kids.
reliance on personal automobiles needs to stop at the society level. this is not about you.

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This post from @t54r4n1 is not only a fantastic example of :bancars: but also the personal story of a person who was killed by a car driver before she could write more books like this one, with illustrations of the view through a microscope.

thirty degrees tomorrow morning! thirty times as. many degrees as this morning was. wheeee

Queer update: Unsurprisingly, I'm feeling tiredly queer.

is there anything better than a nice, crisp, fresh leaf?

:transit: kvetching 

So anyway all this to say that, we are following our next evolution and broadening our doors to just an instance of poc focused on decolonization! So please inquire within if interested, especially if you're being upended by your current instance going down!

i'd go home but I'm order to do that id have to go outside,


canceling my plans for tonight because it's cold and I want to never go outside again ever. can I just sleep where I am.

:transit: kvetching 


i made a thing for @selontheweb and im so happy with how it came out and i love it and i love sel and THATS THAT

Imagine a truck so big that asphalt roads would simply crumble, a truck that needs special roads made of metal

That's #trains, babey!!

I am the inventor of the fart horn. If a car driver honks their horn, a stinky gas is released into the vehicle. It helps drivers remember to only sound their horn when there is a very good reason for it, an emergency. because if there is, you don't care if it smells.

everyone tells me that's an unrealistic idea, I think it's quite genius.

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