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real talk:
climate change is serious, and we need to take serious, large-scale action to mitigate it.
when i say :bancars: , this is shorthand. but: don't be stressing about your personal issues, *like that guardian article says*, addressing climate change is about society-wide choices. and as a society, we have chosen cars to transport us. this is not about you, or your job, or your kids.
reliance on personal automobiles needs to stop at the society level. this is not about you.

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boost this post if a quesadilla has ever saved your life

transgender medical gatekeeping, more rational thoughts 

They all expect that the first instinct upon "I might possibly be trans" is "immediately look for medical treatment, without thinking it through"

when in reality it's usually more like "I have wanted this for years, thought about it a lot on my own, did all the research I could, and came to the conclusion that my life will be better on trans hormones"

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Minneapolis folks, I am planning on hosting a free workshop on how to to make a website from scratch. (HTML and CSS)

The workshop is meant to be for folks who have never done it before, but experts are welcome too!

Check out more details and mark times you would be available @

Also, plz boost if you are in the area. Thanks 🧑

I am much more interested in gardening, gardening supplies, plants, bus lanes, solidarity, friends, naps, preparing food, uhhhhhhh laundry? house chores?

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Me when my back hurts and I have to pick something up off the floor.

I'm not being very authentic with my communication lately because it's rude to start conversations by yelling


need to put in a better boundary around "I'm not willing to talk about politicized healthcare with cis guys" . posting this to manifest it πŸ™

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to be honest it's wild you can buy an entire gallon of highly combustible petro chemicals for just $5

anyway please look at the angry-crying bus my friend made, I love them and want to protect them so much

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*checks my contract* where's my hours of "society crumbling leave"

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turns out that the crumbling of society makes it hard to keep up on house chores / Monday morning and the place is still a disaster zone. πŸ†’

talking shop about this 

the point of this demo is to get a couple of swing votes on the city council to support 24/7 bus lanes, in several years, when the street reconstruction is done. it is fucking moderate milquetoast shit and I'm sorry we need to do it but we do. we lost the last election. so. now we have to have demos for bus lanes instead of being free to do other advocacy shit. I hate it.

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come hang out with me on Tuesday we're marching for hennepin ave bus lanes because nothing stops, everything keeps happening everywhere all at once

smith triangle park, Tuesday, Meet @ 5 March @ 5:30, come on out.

~ouuooouuhhh trans people are only 0.000304% of the population~ not for long bitch better get used to it

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I was going to get up but now I'm critical nap infrastructure so.

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A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region. Predominantly queer with a focus on urban and social justice issues.

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