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a knife for all the moods, all 5 of them. :knife_lgbt: , :knife_agender: , :knife_bi: , :knife_nb: , :transknife:
i acknowledge no other moods than these 5

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real talk:
climate change is serious, and we need to take serious, large-scale action to mitigate it.
when i say :bancars: , this is shorthand. but: don't be stressing about your personal issues, *like that guardian article says*, addressing climate change is about society-wide choices. and as a society, we have chosen cars to transport us. this is not about you, or your job, or your kids.
reliance on personal automobiles needs to stop at the society level. this is not about you.

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st paul trash politics 

re: toilet humor, true story 

uspol, rally 

gah this game is cute af but it's 0% challenging. i could set the battles to auto-attack so far... problems.

this fuckin asshat is STILL out there flying plane-banner ads. STOP!!!

I'm sorry but my sexual orientation is public transit oriented in that if you don't support public transit we will not be touching

msp social fact of the day: 33% of membership are attending a punk show tonight

standup comedy is just posting irl but also worse

My favorite Wacky Aunt skill is creating wildly elaborate papercraft costumes. 7yo nephew and I agree firmly on this.

Changed shoes standing behind a bush on their lawn like "well, this...... is me, I guess, hire me because i'm worth it, not bevause of the appearances."
... they didn't hire me.

true story about the bruce vento trail screenshot i posted in : I applied to work at that facility.
To get there, I took a bus, that dropped me off a bit south from there. Walked a block, walked the trail north to the facility. Nice walk!
Then had to walk through the fucking lawn to the fucking interview because it turns out they don't have fucking sidewalks. Love too show up with grass stuck to my pant legs like "this is as hireable as i get!"

straight baffled at this lil unit. why do you lock my files so they can't be overwritten? it's like: record video and store the most recently recorded 2.8gb for reference. making files read-only is NOT YOUR JOB

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