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nicky tapeleg

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put your fursonas in your bio, cowards

profile metadata now contains important facts about me

When my gramps was a kid, he knew a farmer who married a tree. Called it Adella, never forgot an anniversary.

The townsfolk tolerated this, figuring he'd one day take a wife. They thought he was nuts when he said they were expecting.

He somehow ended up raising a pair of twin brothers, who grew tall, strong and brown.

Everyone figured they were abandoned by a passing runaway so it was mighty kind and generous of him to raise the boys as his own.

#tootfic #microfiction #writing #terylstales

i will never not be cranky that a local bus going down my block has the nearest stop a mile away. LET ME ON, COWARDS :transit:

oo the search button is now somewhere sensible. thanks for the upgrades lawdminipsum @lawremipsum

I got a crisp's amount of rhubarb from a garden. hmu if you want some tomorrow or the next day :9

Shoot i have to eat *again* body ayfkmrn i ate earlier today!!!!!

i took the extra time on the road to consider: if i only had one leg, what mods would need to be done to a bike? would hand cranking be better or worse than one-legging it? i do not know!

days 23 & 24: ow. biking because I have to. i have innovated a method that lets me pedal with one foot, using my toe cages. this lets the tapeleg stay still, tucked back along the frame, and not have bandages interact excessively with road rash ouchies. doesn't go very fast tho lol.

oh no i have stefan university music stuck in my head

also i hate seltzer water so there just isn't any. and i made the simple syrup lavender flavor. and crushed ice is waaaaaay too much work

vore th ๐Ÿ”, ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿ‘ผ

i made a mint julep, and then googled how to make one, for fun. turns out you're supposed to make them with bourbon, not gin. fuckin' whatever. eat your hamburgers, apollo.

More trains fewer cars

More trees fewer parking lots

i'm feeling extremely fuckin overwhelmed by the fact that the past exists, or more correctly, that it no longer does

okay here's all the tshirt bag friends.
blue is an old corporate shirt I put a good patch on, stores yarn for future knitting projects. no need for a handle, really?
dinosaurs is going to be a general tote bag, for store trips. a friend gave me that shirt, but it never fit me. so! improved.
and the original, still working great at storing current knitting project.

nobody's taking me up on the upcycling offer currently posted there, alas.

i have made some more bags-from-tshirts, and will share images in the morning! Maybe i will go hit up a thrift store for some 25 cent t-shirts and put the resulting bags on etsy.