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a knife for all the moods, all 5 of them. :knife_lgbt: , :knife_agender: , :knife_bi: , :knife_nb: , :transknife:
i acknowledge no other moods than these 5

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real talk:
climate change is serious, and we need to take serious, large-scale action to mitigate it.
when i say :bancars: , this is shorthand. but: don't be stressing about your personal issues, *like that guardian article says*, addressing climate change is about society-wide choices. and as a society, we have chosen cars to transport us. this is not about you, or your job, or your kids.
reliance on personal automobiles needs to stop at the society level. this is not about you.

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me: hm, it's almost march, and it's going to snow this weekend, i wonder if i can start thinking about packing away the 10F and under clothes
the weather: -5 monday morning
me: oh.

caffinated hanger is a hell of an unpleasant time, would not recommend

man i got so damn ANGRY on my commute home. i asked myself what my damn problem was.
"well, instead of eating something during my Mid Afternoon Fuck Off For A Bit time, i got a cup of coffee."
oh. ...and then i had to be angry at myself for the next half an hour while i finished getting home and fixing a dinner.

wanna make a big fuckoff art of a :guillotine: with a shiny rainbow blade

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okay first day (night?) at amazon and i shit you not i was given monopoly money with jeff bezos' face on it as a reward for staying a bit late

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Love for all my :heart_trans: :heart_agender: and :heart_nb: friends out there:

Gender is an NB-hard problem.

mmmm roasted butternut and acorn squash seeds yaaaaa

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if you heard someone yelling ORB about half an hour ago, that was me, greeting the sun in the sky, which i have not seen on the walking part of my commute for Several Months.

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@lawremipsum Maybe the Ls on weather maps don't stand for "low pressure" but rather "lies."

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the united states hellthcare system Show more

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Introducing: Menstruation! It's menstruation, but for Men!

i have two (2) recommendations for getting municipalities to address sidewalk conditions:
A) a widespread pedestrian revolt wherein we Take The Lane (yes the car lane) when the paths for us are not safe

union member status: signed up to go to The Day On The Hill for whatever they need.
what a fucking rollercoaster today was already, how much worse it would have been without that contract.

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tired: Bigger Luke Theory
wired: Flat Luke Theory

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@testie @t54r4n1
Very many years. But then, we don't plant trees for ourselves. We plant them for whoever will be walking here 100 years from now. 🌳

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